Does continuous recording mode record audio?

I’m really interested in these WyzeCams, but I have a couple of questions I haven’t been able to find answers to yet. Can anyone help me out?

  1. If I put a micro SD card into the WyzeCam and set it to record continuously, does it just record video or does it also record audio?
  2. Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how many days of continuous recording I might get out of a single 32GB micro SD card in the WyzeCam?
  3. Does the WyzeCam have rolling continuous recording? E.g. will it just overwrite the oldest files if the SD Card fills up?
Thanks in advance for your help.
  1. Audio and video

  2. HD - approx 3 days / SD - approx 5-6 days

  3. Yea, overwrites oldest video first

Re #1, you can disable the recording of audio via the app, which is a legal requirement in some jurisdictions.

With at least some v2 cameras, the recorded video and recorded audio play back at different rates, so the audio and video are not synchronized . Not sure how or why. and whether it is firmware version related, or related to different hardware “batches”. I know there are at least two variations of “v1” cameras. The earlier shipping units had two LEDs, later ones (my two v1 cameras were ordered on Jan 18, 2018, and they have 4 IR LEDs). So there may be multiple variations of “v2” camera hardware, although I have no evidence that there are different “v2” camera hardware variants.

See this thread

Thanks for the answers! This little camera seems to be packed with exactly the sort of useful features that I’m looking for.

Re: the out of sync audio/video playback issues: was anyone with this problem able to return their WyzeCams?

I here ya Buckeye…I’m the one who posted that thread…It seems as though the audio sync is not consistent each time too. It can lag 10 seconds one time, then be 2 seconds off the next. I’m baffled. Maybe the camera is busy motion detecting and the processor is being used up? I’m betting if you plug the SD card into a computer, it will play back just fine. May have to experiment on that one. BTW, I have 4 V2s

On my V2 camera with firmware, the recorded video on the SD card had sync issues. It was playing the audio before the event showed up in the video (clapping hand, you would hear the clap, then see the clap).

So it may be related to motion, but I would expect this functionality to be a “core feature” of the video processing SOC, and not be affected by other CPU processing. I.e. I would expect the firmware to “set up” a recording feature in the SOC, and then that the SOC would handle the “one minute” recording (possibly to a RAM buffer) and then fire an interrupt when the task was complete, but perhaps it does not handle that high of level operation as a built in feature.

The SOC used in the v2 cameras has “hardware” Image Signal Processing (ISP) and Video Processing Unit, so it should be possible to get a video with properly synchronized audio. But if the firmware is programmed in a “super loop” (like Arduino), handling multiple realtime tasks properly is very complex. It really needs to be done with event processing and state machine, but I don’t know what the SDK they use provides.

I did send two clips to (LikeWyze) and they were looking at it. Since it should be easy to reproduce, hopefully they will be able to determine the cause and get a fix.

BuckEye…Lots of great info. I’m glad you forwarded this to them. Have not had time to mess with it other than viewing from my phone at work. Hope they find the cause and correct it, easier if it’s just a firmware fix!