Does anyone know the battery usage of "AI" vs. "MOTION" detection?

I’m referring to the video-doorbell-pro?
im trying to maximise the battery life and i dont have a clue how to do this

sadly i had to buy mine from eBay (no uk shop) and it has a scratched lens (but that’s another story) :¬)

“Motion” means, generally, the lighting of the view field changed more than a set threshold. It’s a basic rule that just means “the image changed.”

AI means that, using computer algorithms run in the Wyze cloud server, Wyze determined that an object in the video uploaded by your camera is a (person/pet/package/pehicle). Yes, pehicle is joking.

Using the AI detection will reduce notifications but it won’t reduce recordings, which are triggered by motion prior to analysis for objects. Your best bet will be careful setting of the detection zone to not record videos of motion in areas you don’t want to monitor, like swaying bushes or cars driving by on the street. Areas of frequent lightning change (shadows, car headlights, etc) will also trigger recordings of “motion” within your detection zone.


This is very well said. The camera has to record the event either way, the AI (which usually runs on the cloud) just determines if the video should be saved or deleted, what tags it should have, and whether to notify or not.

Reducing all recordings (motion detection) via detection zones, sensitivity, or placement will be much better. Also, decreasing max video length or increasing cooldown (if that model has those settings) may help.

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ty i see now the AI wont waste any battery

after my 1st day the battery went 100->90 fast so i recharged it and now is more stable, it is still 100% after one day :¬):¬) ty all

shame i have a misty scratch on the centre of the lens
someone must have played it down on a surface and scratched it then sold it to me on eBay - oh well

shame wyze dont have a UK shop - actually its good or i would be broke :¬)

One thing to be aware of is the battery-powered cameras are not meant to stream full-time. If you do so you will see a marked drop in the battery percentage. Just something to be aware of. :slight_smile:

They are more designed to alert in remote locations than to monitor live.


seems ok ish now says its 100% when charging but never finishes chartging (blue circle) - it is what it is i guess