Does anyone know if we can access the cam on a mac laptop?

Does anyone know if we can access the cam with apple pc? I tried the memu however it says I couldn’t use it with iOS. Thanks

Your post is a little confusing. If you mean Apple Macintosh, then no, like an IBM PC type computer we cannot access the cams without emulating something else like the Android OS.

However we can natively access the cams using iPhones and iPads, which are iOS. So what exactly are you seeing, and on what device?

Sorry, I mean mac laptop

Yep, not Mac nor PC can access the cams directly. You need a mobile device, be it Android or Apple.

Darn that sucks, Thanks. I do have it on my phone but my son plays outside and I watch him from the cam but was hoping I could have it on the laptop instead to save phone battery ha. Thanks though

Well, you can plug your phone in under that circumstance, or emulate a mobile device on your Mac.

Personally, I’d just plug in my phone.

I’m not an “apple” person.
But with RTSP (I think it’s launched but still beta) and a compatible viewer (like VLC) one can view the video from the cam. You still need Android or iOs to operate the app for the cam.

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I will look into it, thank you!