Does anyone know if the Wyze color bulb can be used for a swimming pool light?

Can the Wyze color bulb used for a swimming pool light?

I would think not. Swimming pool lights are very specifically rated for underwater use. I would be certain that the Wyze color bulb would not have that rating. The other problem is that water attenuates radio signals really well - especially at near 2.4 GHz. I would be surprised if your WiFi would get through a couple feet of water.


The Wyze Bulb Color is rated for use in damp locations, underwater is a lot more than damp and as @K6CCC points out there is a real good chance you will not get WiFi there.


Thanks for your input, explanation makes a lot of sense.

Great question. Our pool light is about 30 inches below the surface. It is in a waterproof housing. i don’t think it has a bulb socket - if you have your pool drained enough to do a pool light swap out, I suggest getting something sealed tight. Most Pool shops sell LED lights that are bright, clear, and amazing. I think I’d avoid anything with a bulb socket on it underwater in 2023.
But if you want to, I do see why you would want to use a wyze color. I don’t think it would be bright enough, frankly. Most pool bulbs are 300 watts or similar these days. One that changes colors is about $300 USD

Also check out the fun LOFTEK Submersible LED Lights with Remote RF(164ft), Those are fully waterproof for in ground pools with suction cups. They are color changing underwater lights. Battery operated. Sell in 4 packs. Amazon sells them.

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