Does anyone know how much shipping was supposed to be for the car?

I know they emailed out a “hand-waving-please-make-it-go-away” letter staying that everyone is to expect 8 bucks back, but did everyone get overcharged in this bait and switch by the same amount?

My original charge of 20.89 for car and camera to Northern California is crazy, especially when it first said free.

I think the free shipping was a giveaway to this being fake. as that is usually the thing they will never refund. just so you know I never thought this to be real after reading it and realizing that it debuted on April 1st but a massive amounts of people who think it is real.

a couple things to also realize, it pretty much is the only product without a video, it pretty much is the only one that doesn’t solve a problem, I don’t doubt for a second that they spent all week cannibalizing a Cam V2 black and a Cam 3 headlight and some cheap RC (I don’t even think it’s an RC to be honest with you just a cheap toy) rather then fix the DoorBell issue…

what was meant to be funny aggravated all of its current customers over a practical joke…

I’m shocked they didn’t make you buy a Cam Plus subscription


I would call tmrw cuz email support is too slow. I was charged that much as well. They say that will be returned though. Did you use amazon pay for checkout?

Dude, you do realize this was real, correct?

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17.99 was the original cost of shipping per WYZE in another thread. I imagine the additional 2 something dollars you are seeing was for the additional camera?

But they did also mention that if you purchased the car at the time free shipping was posted on the site, contact support and they would discount or partially refund shipping costs.

No, I showed him my entire order and he still didn’t believe me :joy:

I actually ordered 2 cars, and got refunded all my shipping charges. So yes it’s a real car, and yes I got shipping refunded. Obviously your one that didn’t get a car and your salty.

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I was able to order one in the first round of 500 right at 8 AM PST… It came with a lot pf patience and refreshing. All confirmations came shortly after from Amazon Pay and WYZE… I experienced all of the same horror stories everyone else did. Maintenance pages, Unverified address pages, just waiting for that place order button to turn blue but it finally went through.

It’s a novelty item, and fun toy with the WYZE label on it, I wasn’t going to be upset if I did not get one, as I mentioned in another post. I have already mobilized WYZE Cameras through other means (RC Truck and WYZE Robot Vacuum).

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I was calling BS when it called for the V2… but when i saw the follow through on the buying option I bought in… ill trash all 6 of my cams over this bad joke lol

You’re wrong. Because if you’re right, what Wyze did is illegal. They charged customers money for nothing in return. That’s actually illegal. It’s called stealing? Maybe there’s a better technical word other than stealing but I don’t know what it would be.

FRAUD would be the word

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That is a good idea. Do you have lag issues? Or are you just recodring the trip?

At high speeds it gets pretty rough and laggy yes with the records.

Tough to run the remote and try to watch the phone at the same time and there is delay, but was fun to play with.

Lol its called preorder guys… Nothing illegal. You people are just impatient and think this company owes you for some reason lol

Please read the ENTIRE topic before commenting. You obviously didn’t.

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I commented on this last night lol are you sure you read the entire thing? You would’ve seen my comment :blush:

It’s all good. You just missed the point is all. It’s 100% illegal if it was a joke. You’re correct that it’s legal otherwise (if the product is real). If you decided to prank thousands of customers and then had some of those customers pay you without a product actually existing, that would be illegal.

Hence my comment, did you read the entire thread.

I’ll be honest, I’m just pissed off that I kept deceiving myself to go back at the top of every hour (even though that little voice kept telling me “you’re wasting your time”) to try and order again. I just hate when that voice ends up being right and you didn’t listen. So maybe… I’m really just frustrated with myself for being an idiot.

I didnt miss anything lol I got my car and the point of the post.

When the shipping rate is more than a third of the price of the product something is very wrong.
I’ll get duck tape and use my kid’s remote control car.


They did take the shipping back to $10. So it’s a little better.