Why No Free Shipping on v3 Pre-Order?

I’d like to replace my inventory of v2 with v3, a cumulative expensive that passes the min free shipping threshold. But the cart page gacks and sez: No free shipping on pre-orders. Why come, huh?


My understanding is pre-orders are in a separate, more inflexible system, so they are excluded from the shipping special.


@lothian.mcadam Welcome back!

The fine print is easily over looked. I think we all were thinking free shipping over the $33 limit as well. It does mention this… (on select products only).

But there are always the exclusions that apply in the fine print to be aware of.

I ran into this as well. Regardless… WE are your loyal supporters. If you can’t offer free shipping on orders above a certain amount to YOUR SUPPORTERS AND EARLY ADOPTERS, you are doing something wrong.

In addition, using PayPal to pay for the order is currently messed up. I now have 2 pending charges for installment payments on PayPal, and no orders showing in my account through Wyze. Guess I’ll just wait to order through Amazon if there’s no advantage for me as a supporter and early adopter for ordering directly from Wyze. :frowning:


Agree with itbedave completely. It feels like Wyze nickels and dimes you on small things that should not be charged. Another example is any Wyze pre-orders are fully charged to your credit card immediately while you wait months for the actual product. Other companies only charge you when the product actually ships.


This is a pre-order; you are financing the production of the initial units.


Does PayPal permit transactions for pre-sale items?

A pre-sale item is advertised for sale before the seller actually has the item. Often, these items are sold before they are available to the general public.

A seller might use the money from the pre-sale of an item to purchase the item.

PayPal permits pre-sales on a limited basis as long as the seller:

  • Guarantees shipment within 20 days from the date of purchase.
  • Clearly identifies the item as a pre-sale.
  • Provides proof, if needed, that they can successfully deliver the product (supplier information, purchase invoices, shipping information, or delivery confirmation).


I cannot fathom why making the V3 available in black should be difficult, no re-tooling required, just color of materials… We are NOT stupid nor are we mushrooms so quit keeping us in the dark and feeding us sh@%.

Regarding the shipping… More smoke and mirrors… I call Bulls$@t on both issues… Come on Wyze and Company this is a chance for you to re-establish yourselves as a dependable customer oriented company… Turn over the ‘New Image’ leaf, rewind and refocus on US, your life support system


Howdy, folks!

Our pre-orders are shipping at different times and the shipping logic is a little different. Because of this, we couldn’t add them to the free shipping promo. I’ll make sure that the company sees your feedback so we can decide if we want to do promos like this while running pre-orders in the future or if we can adjust pre-order logic in advance.

We are looking into the PayPal issue. Are the extra charges still present, @itbedave?

For the black Wyze Cam v3 question, it adds complication to manufacturing beyond the more expensive black material to have multiple production colors. We are looking into that for the future but it would be extra challenging to have that ready to go for a launch.


We are looking into the PayPal issue. Are the extra charges still present, @itbedave?

Yes ma’am - as of 3:28pm EDT

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I just want to be clear… (I know I may get some hate)

  • We are complaining (not suggesting) that there a not enough colors (black) on an item that is new and just up for pre-order. (to be clear, black would be cool)
  • We are complaining (not suggesting) that we cannot get free shipping on new pre-order items. (sure I want free shipping, but do not expect it on a newly released item for $20)
  • Yep, Paypal issue (concern) needs to be fixed.

Really? With all that is going on in the world, this is what we take the time post to complain about?


  • wait a month(s) and order it from Amazon with Prime or simply wait until the camera is in full distribution. WYZE will eventually promo it as they do with all items (it seems). Patience?
  • The device itself is only $20 (not like there is a ton of margin there). Expecting free shipping??
  • The camera was just released (not even in distribution)… and your already complaining. ??
  • How about we suggest to WYZE to do a promo for current owners? How about a suggestion to offer free shipping on a multi-cam purchase. Something that is a win/win for everyone.
  • OR (again) you could just wait until the cameras are off pre-order and available everywhere.

Sorry to be a Smart A$$, but really?
I know WYZE would LOVE :heartpulse: to take your money, but you are under no obligation to give it to them if you do not want to purchase what is available or pay shipping.



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I wasn’t suggesting they offer free shipping for 1 camera. I was trying to order multiples. They are offering free shipping for v2’s right now to everyone who orders more than 1. Their excuse for not offering it for preorders is lazy at best. Their lack of considering their registered customers that preorder and evangelize their products is just bad business practice.

And yes, since I pre-ordered 2 of the ill-conceived WCO’s, I have a right to complain about a new product that has all the features of the WCO without a battery AND those features are greatly IMPROVED, causing me to have to replace those WCOs with something that works and works better.

If Wyze had said this summer that they were coming out with both a battery powered outdoor camera AND a version 3 camera that’s now waterproof, I would have had a choice and waited for the latter. But they didn’t do that. They sold us all on the WCO without revealing that something that might work better for most of us that many had requested was also on its way.

So yes, I’m complaining. And I have a right to.

Have a good evening. :grin:

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Just to clarify $20 dollar device not $30 order 4 or whatever and pay the 8 bucks shipping it’s not that serious they got to make some profit somewhere

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You don’t support a company, trading partners, investors and employees without generating operating capitol


@Ccarter17 - I appreciate the correction. :+1:

Are you injection molding the housings?

Not sure what might be unique about Wyze’s process, but in the connector sector, we could spin up a custom color run relatively simply. There is swap time/ etc. and if your subbing it out (I would expect you would) and your bring charged by the job and not by contracted rate then costs are higher.

I just measured out a v2 am going to see how my creality does on printing out a metalized silver case.

I’m also in Canada and not able to pre-order at all. No provinces listed in the drop down, and only country in the drop down is the US. How does someone from Canada pre-order cam v3 ?

My understanding is that the suggestion to wait for Amazon to take stock…

Yep, I’m really surprised that since their focus has certainly proven to be pushing out as many products as quickly as they can, that they ignore another large market just north!!

I believe Canadian shipping is coming soon.
You can follow the conversation here.

I am not sure why there is such a struggle to ship to other countries (licensing, customs, export tariff, etc. ??). My guess would be licensing as you see the same issue with availability of products and services from other vendors based in the U.S. providing availability.

I feel your pain, with the advent of the V3 camera it becomes abundantly clear to me that they made poor choices on the WCO.

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