Does anyone have a brick wall I can bang my head against?

I feel like a whiney nag, always calling Wyze to have them walk through my problems. Sometimes they put a “bandaid” on it, and it works for a while but eventually doesn’t. Here’s my issue: this morning, I got woken up at 6:00 am by screaming outside my window. It appeared to be a “lovers quarrel with alcohol involved” while the two stopped about 12 feet from my window and in a straight shot direct view of my camera. The girl seemed to be crying, “don’t leave,” and then she noticed the camera. She points the camera to the guy, he Flips off the cameras, and they continue to wrestle while standing up. This goes on for about 7 minutes. My neighbor’s dogs are barking, and my dogs are barking, The drunk crazy man is barking. Before I go on, let me say that surrounding these two couples I have 5 cameras. two outdoor cameras facing South, One facing North, and 2 facing West (where the couple was) They would have to have passed by at least 3 cameras to stop in front of my west camera by either of the directions (they can only walk North or South). After they are done yelling, wrestling and howling, the guy walks a few paces to the north and heads west down the next street. The girl who is sitting on the curb, yells one more time that gets up and follows him. Now for my point of frustration. I have cam plus on all my cameras. I have all the detection settings correct. I have all my cameras updated. After they left, I go on my event page on the app. It picked up NOTHING (by all the cameras) except for the guy leaving and walking around the corner and the girl following right afterwards, which was about 7 seconds of video. NONE of my cameras picked up anything except that. I have had accidents, thefts, dumping, fights, car thefts, tagging happen on this side of my house and my cameras will not catch anything. (I’ve called it all in to WYZE) I just don’t know what to do. How can the events show something happening like a car driving by every minute, but when something catastrophic or really eventful happens for a long period of time, the event log shows a 20 minute gap with not one camera working? DO you understand my frustration?


What model of cameras are you using? Saying “outdoor” describes many of the cameras. Any of them have SD cards in them that were set to record to the cards?

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In addition to what Cam models, as @Omgitstony asked, the many settings in each cam are also a critical component of tuning them to peak efficiency.

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I do wonder if its a non-understanding of the settings. My cams pick up everything including leaves falling and tree shadows lol.

You probably have it set to something too specific.

Hello and thank you for replying. 3 of my cameras are “Wyze Camera Outdoor” (which comes up if you click in the settings under device) One camera is a Wyze cam V3 and the other is a Wyze Cam OG. All the cameras are all updated to the latest version and last week I had a tech support from Wyze walk me through the settings and the sensitivities to make sure they were set properly to pick up movement. All but one of my cameras were set exactly right and the one that wasn’t was just at 50% and I moved it up. All my cameras have SD cards that are formatted. The Camera in Question today was the Wyze cam OG. When I click on the SD card to look at the history, it says “No SD card inserted” which is not true. I have taken it out, put it back in, shampoo, Rince, Repeat. It says that on several of my cameras. I know the first thing to think is that its User Error and I would think the same thing, but I’m pretty good with tech issues and this one is leading me to think, its the cameras. Also, I have 1000 speed internet, which works perfect for everything else in my house. I have so many issues with these cameras but as a loyal customer most of the time, I keep hoping that something will change since I’ve had them for 4 years and I’m always disappointed. On the positive side, I have a couple cameras that I’ve never had anything bad go wrong with them.

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I agree and if you read my comment above, I have had tech support walk me through the troubleshooting and the settings. All were set properly, with the exception of one and we corrected that from 50% to 80% detection last week.

LOL, I would think the same thing, but alas, I have complained to Wyze that if a leaf blows across my yard, it picks it up 100% of the time, If someone crashes the car and gets out and runs or fights the person and there is all kind of action, my camera would pick up the leaf that blew by before the accident and skip the whole dramatic scene.


If you put it into a computer, does the computer read the SD card? Do you see any video files that the camera may have saved in the card? What are your micro SD card recording settings in the og? Events only or continuous to the micro SD card? What brand of card and size of card is it?

The v3 and the og have continuous recording functions which I highly recommend. The WCO cameras do not since they are battery operated, but they do have scheduled recording which records to the SD card in the camera in those.

Do you have any cloud services on the cameras? Cam plus or cam plus lite?

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Wyze does not have a Tech Support department. They have a Customer Support department that is Level 1 scripts. They do not have hands on user experience in the required settings for cams, only what the script in front of them tells them. I have an exponentially higher degree of trust in experienced Forum Members suggesting settings before Customer Support. I can suggest several and tag them in (@Omgitstony is already here) if you like. I don’t have any WCO, so I would only be helpful in general knowledge.

I can help with the V3 as I employ 16 of them. I also have an OGS and OGT, however they are on original firmware and not the most up to date version.

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Unless something changed in the past year, Wyze Cam Outdoor models (battery-powered) don’t record cloud events and generate notifications if you are live streaming the cams.

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I misspoke. You are correct that they don’t have “Tech Support” and yes, its just customer service who “walks me through” several troubleshooting steps and usually its something that I’ve done before or I just do it again with them on the phone. All of my firmware is up to date. I truly appreciate you offering to help. Its very kind of you. I’ve had these problems since almost day one when I got them several years ago. I think part of the problem for the outdoor ones is the basestation. Wyze customer service tells me to unplug/replug in to reboot it so the cameras work. I have to do that about once a day. Shouldn’t really have to do that for a good product.

In my experience, with any of the Wyze Cam models, if the solution to an “offline” cam is to power cycle it, the problem is not the cam.

Yes, there are specific models that absolutely demand the best WiFi signal (PanV3, I’m pointing at you), but the other cams do have significantly robust WiFi affinity.

If you are experiencing frequent offline events, I would suggest taking a look at your router as the cause. I have been thru several routers that dropped cams regularly. It wasn’t the size or strength of the router, but how the logic inside managed the network connections and the connectivity to each cam. Every router manufacturer has a different way of squeezing the most speed and bandwith out of the limited bands they have. That is all the logic coding voodoo they do. Some of that isn’t healthy for the lowly 2.4GHz band residents that are only uploading once in a while. They get deprioritized, IPs reassigned, or just forgotten.

Since installing my current 3 node Mesh Network last year, I have enjoyed 100% uptime from every cam.

Hello there and I apologize for this taking long to reply. I have been away from home and am just getting back to this forum. I would normally agree with you on that, but I don’t have anything wrong with any of the other items attached to the router. (or using the router) Life is pretty easy with this router. I do have a Google mesh network to extend the signal to the other side of my house for the other cameras. I live in a single story house that is small and my 3 outdoor cameras are just on the other side of the wall from my router (which sits high and unobscured from anything. I went through last night and unselected “Vehicle” from my detection settings to make sure that if a human walks by, that I can see them. I rechecked all the settings and everything was as its supposed to be.

I bought on all of my Wyze camera this 256 GB MicroSD card and have them record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The playback of recorded video on the Wyze via their app is very very good.
Here is what I bought

I bought 2 more of these SD cards to go in 2 new Wyze V3 Pro but those cameras are offline as they do not work on open wifi networks and I’m waiting for a fix for that, but that is another story and saga.

Thank you. I will have to look into that. I bought all my sd cards through Wyze, foolishly thinking that they would work better since they are all from the same company.

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I feel your pain and may separately post my own issue. I have two V3 cams: one next to my front door aimed toward my walk and the street; the other near my back door aimed toward my patio. My back camera would trigger many events all night long. It might be rainfall or snow or a moth flying across. More typically, it would be triggered by my security light going on for a few minutes (perhaps a cat?), then again when it turned off. In the last few weeks, dead silence from this camera. In contrast, my front camera is triggered whenever car lights appear, even if the actual car does not pass by. The settings are such that cars do not trigger the front cam during the day. In any event, the front cam behavior is consistent and hasn’t changed. But I am concerned about the rear cam. I’ve restarted it several times and unplugged/plugged a few times. It seems to work during the day. When I go out the back door, it picks up my image and sends a notification. I’m puzzled by the lack of nighttime events. I used to get a dozen or more events every night, which frankly was annoying since there was nothing going on. But why the change to zero events?

I feel your pain too. While I love Wyze’s mission, I’ve had some small nagging issues since buying my first cameras.

To your point, I have a Pan Cam in my living room and I’ve found a few instances where my kid got up in the middle of the night, walked through the living room, into the kitchen, sometimes settling down on the couch, but no notification was made and no recording was saved in the cloud. I only discovered this because my kitchen camera picked up something, so I checked the continuous recording on the micro SD card in the living room and there was very clear video of someone walking around. My kitchen camera has had repeated issues with the micro SD card working for a couple hours, then no longer being recognized, so continuous recording didn’t happen and no failure notification was provided (this would be a nice feature for Wyze to consider). It sounds like you could have a similar combination of things going on.

I have a similar setup and Wyze devices don’t have much wifi range and if the signal strength is low they don’t have much retry abilities.

Just to be honest with you, its getting to the point that you’re just going to have to change to a better setup. Ive noticed that people here just defend and never read whole statments. Getting solutions on these forums a lot of times (not always) are just like hearing “did you reboot your device”, “is the power light on?” The same answers customer support gives after you’ve wiped your data and cache that fixes nothing. Upgrading to something better at the point your at is the only answer. Wyze stuff is decent for the price but my stuff is hit or miss constantly. They didnt even troubleshoot my doorbell pro issue, just instantly issued a gift card 8 months after purchase.

Gotta disagree with you there, there’s a whole crew of folks here who are head and shoulders above any formal Support you’re likely to get. The more you bring (background and detailed info on a problem) the more you’re likely to get. These cats are deep and tenacious. :slight_smile: