Disparity between device setup on Android vs iPhone

I have a Google Pixel 3. Tried multiple times to set up a Wyze bulb as well as a Wyze plug, only to have the connection time out.
I work in mobile app development, so I brought home an iPhone 6 plus, signed into my Wyze account, and I had the plug up and running 20 seconds after initiating setup!
I’ve experienced this before, with other various IoT devices. Can anyone shed some light and why it is so problematic with Android? I found a workaround, but I can imagine this infuriates many an Android user!!


I recently set up 4 Wyze plugs using an android tablet. They took on the average 15 seconds each. Perhaps it depends on the Android device?

And maybe depending on the iPhone model, the opposite scenario also happens?

Edit - iPhones generally have better CPUs, maybe that explains the difference. My Android tablet has a pretty fast CPU and maybe an exception.

It’s something to do with the way Android handles WiFi as versus iOS. That’s how it’s been (vaguely) explained to me when struggling to set up other smart plugs & bulbs. Just curious if anyone on this community might have a little more info around that…

That doesn’t explain why my Android tablet doesn’t have the problem you describe. i still think it’s a hardware thing, not software, specificaly, the chipset in use.

Precisely why it’s so confusing! And why I hope someone from Wyze knows & can elaborate, or is aware of the issue!

I would recommend checking out these tips posted by @Newshound.

He has no problem with iOS. He’s complaining about Android’s (comparably) slow WiFi connects.

I’ve been trying to point out that he might not be comparing apple to apples, hardware-wise, as the low-end of the Android range is really cheap compared to iOS devices.

Just the other day I re setup 4 bulbs and 5 V2s to my new wifi network with my pixel 3. Worked like a charm when I disabled the mobile data. I think Android gets confused and the problem is when it connects to the bulbs wifi briefly during set up, and in detects no internet with the wifi. It then searches and prioritizes an internet signal. When the bulb doesn’t have it, it switches to mobile data interrupting the setup.

I also had to help the setup process when I put the bulb into pairing, and then connect to the bulbs wifi. I wait till the bulb stops pulsating and stays solid white. The phone doesn’t go back to the Wyze app and keeps the wifi network page up. When the bulb goes solid I know my phone is connected, I hit the back button to go back to the Wyze countdown and wait. Finishes usually in a few seconds.

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Does your tablet have a mobile data plan? I bet that’s why you don’t have issues, don’t have to disable mobile data. The instructions about connecting my washer and dryer to my wifi say “disable mobile data”. During the Wyze cam install, it does not.


THAT was it! Thank you, omgitstony!
I had my mobile data on, and once I tried it with one of my new bulbs, with mobile data turned off, I was able to connect easy peasy!

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I have an Android WiFi tablet, yes. But I also have an Android phone, and I did use it to set up 2 of my 4 switches. I didn’t disable the data connection. All I did was “forget” the saved 5gz WiFi connections.

Note - I set up all four again using the tablet in trying to fix an issue with scheduling. But the set up times were all comparable for both tablet and phone.

Not a surprising result as my phone has a more capable hardware than my (old) tablet.

Awesome, glad you got it working. This is why I pointed you to Newshound’s setup tips. :slight_smile:

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Thanks DreadPirateRush!

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