Discovered very large thumbnails by accident

It was breathtaking. App v2.3.25 on iOS.
Yesterday somehow by accident I got the app to open in landscape orientation, and the thumbnails on the home screen were quite large. When I turned the phone to portrait mode the thumbnails stayed large, on both the Home and Events page. I have a smaller screen iPhone and the difference was dramatic. The thumbnail width went from about 35% of the screen width, which is standard now, to about 70% of the screen width! Suddenly I could see the details of each camera on the home and especially on the events page. On the Home page the on/off button was still visible. On the Events page I could see what triggered the event without having to open each event to be sure. The camera name beside each event was truncated with ellipsis to the first three or four letters of each name, which is fine, because with thumbnails that large you can easily identify which camera made that image. After I clicked on the event and went back to the events page, the thumbnails were small again.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? I tried several things but could not make it happen again. Could anyone figure out how to duplicate this and let us know?

I suspect the existing thumbnail width was chosen to be the best universal fit on the most phones, but I wonder if it would be possible to make that a toggle option at the top of the homepage to make larger thumbnails if we choose? To simply resize the portrait thumbnails to the landscape default size when in portrait mode? Or just increase the default thumbnail in a future software update?
With thumbnails as large as I saw, I suspect Wyze could save a fair amount of money on reduced server bandwidth costs from fewer notifications being pulled from the cloud for viewing.

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I use an iPad, but … if you figure it out let us know. There’s currently much wasted space on the Home and Events screens and the thumbnails are so small. Different issue, but … I’d gladly pay for a version that supported landscape mode throughout the app.