Wyze App Events / Replay Small View - Image

I’m having an issue on my OnePlus 7 Pro that when playing the events back the viewing size is smaller. Its not like my Samsung s8 where the picture took up the entire viewing area. I tried reinstalling the app but no change. I am including an image to help show the issue I am speaking about.

when you turn the phone into landscape mode, does it take up the entire screen then?

When I tap the option to go into landscape it’s fine.

I wonder if there isnt something in the display settings of that phone thats affecting this. I have a newer LG and there are so many display settings to adjust the dynamics and resolution of the screen I wonder if that isnt playing havoc. do you have the screen resolution at its highest settings on the phone itself?

I have run into this a few times on Samsung phones, look for the screen resolution and adjust it lower to see if it makes a difference. I know on the Galaxy line it does. @Bam is correct all the settings wreak havoc on things, but I believe you want to look for screen resolution.

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