Discovered new easy and inexpensive method to mount a Wyze Cam

I wanted to mount a WC inside a trellis that my wife has as decor at the front door. My biggest issue was how to mount it. I could of used tie wraps or made a mount. I got to thinking on how sticky BUTYL SEALING TAPE is and how great it worked keeping my pool light cord conduit from leaking that it could possibly be used to hold a WC in place. After 2 months it has held up with no movement. The best part is that I was able to remove the butyl tape with no damage to the wall. Warning, If your paint is not adhered to the wall properly ex. peeling it will tear the pain off as I discovered on an area. It is best to work with a scraper to break the seal then roll tape off and do not pull on it. So far I have used it on my exterior satin painted home and metal bars inside the Trellis. I have used this tape to seal other things around my home. Its currently $15.47 for a 30ft roll.

Best deal I have found so far is this brand on amazon.

Fold it in half to make it thicker. You do not want it thin as it will not hold.

Make sure it is fully covered and thick.


I wrap the cable under the cam just in case it fall of magnet it will not disconnect and fall.

Make sure surface is clean, Press mount with tape on wall. I will spread a little bit but not too much.

Here is the trellis which notifies me when amazon delivers a package.

Close up.

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Wonder how this would hold up to 90 degree/90% RH days in Alabama… Hmm…


I live in Miami Fl, so far no issues. We will see when heat hits again down here.

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Still holding up and it will not be getting any hotter. Used it on my keypad.

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