Disappointed in Wyze technical support

I have bought over 20 Wyse cameras for my family and friends and recommended them highly - that is until now.

One of my V2 cameras quit working. It was only about two months old. I contacted Wyse technical support and was told by the tech to download a program called “Route This” to diagnose what was wrong with my camera. I was told to use the access code WYSE with this app.

So I download the Route This app and guess what - WYSE is an invalid code. I went back to tech support and was told my problem would be escalated to a level 2 tech. That was five days ago and I have heard nothing back. I expected better from Wyse.

My camera shows a error code 90 when I address it from the Wyse app on my smartphone. It also has a yellow/orange? LED which is solid. I have tried the reset and nothing changes.

These cameras seemed like a good buy for what I wanted to do - but I guess this comes with a price of no support. If anyone has a clue on what is wrong, I would like to hear.

Gary Streuter

Perhaps you have misspelled the access code? (WYSE vs. WYZE)


Will try that.

That worked - my bad. But I did tell the agent what I was putting in.

Got code BDDYVY48

Perhaps you could delete or edit your post what with your complaint being based on your own user error?

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I did put in the wrong code but the code I put in was sent to your tech support and they did not catch it either:

This is what I sent:

Gary Streuter

Nov 15, 4:45 PM PST

Installed Routethis on my iPhone 6. When I attempt to use it I put in the code WYSE and it returns a message that says invalid code. So what do I do now?

When I inquire the camera with the Wyse app on my phone I get error code 90. Continues to have yellow light on constant on back of camera.

With the new code I was able to run the diagnostic and sent the error code back to milehiguy. code BDDYVY48

I will be happy to correct my input error - but please let me know what to do to get my camera running.

Randy - I responded last week on this issue. Is anyone ever going to respond on the error code I reported:

With the new code I was able to run the diagnostic and sent the error code back to milehiguy. code BDDYVY48

I will be happy to correct my input error - but please let me know what to do to get my camera running.

I also noticed I can no longer get into my Wyze account - seems the password no longer works. Very odd. Coincidence???

Bottom line - I have bought 20 of your cameras. I asked for help on one and get nothing from anyone in your organization.

@gstreuter - Gary, in your previous two replies you’ve mentioned having sent an error code of some kind to milehiguy. Well that’s me and I’m just Joe Customer from Colorado, so wouldn’t have known what to do with this code if I’d received it (I didn’t). Thought I’d let you know in case you send this code to the wrong address.

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Thanks - I thought the email came from Wyze - will follow up with them.

I have the same problem with my 2 month old pancam…It is located 50 miles from where I live and I don’t have time to continually troubleshoot this camera. It is not dependable and now I can’t keep an eye on my cottage. It was a wasted of money and has definitely been a wasted of my time. Based on my experiences with the camera and technical support, I can not recommend this camera.

We’re sorry to hear about this, @gstreuter. By the way, the emails are coming from us unless you meant one from milehiguy from the forum. Notification emails do come in for replies depending on your settings. May I please have your support ticket number so I can poke your agent for you? If you didn’t give them the code in a reply to the ticket then they may not know to look into your stuff again.

@Topdog885, we apologize for that and definitely understand your frustration. If you would like to give me your support ticket number so I can look into your support issues as well I am happy to do that. But I won’t push. :slight_smile:


The code I got from the software they had me run is BDDYVY48. My support ticket is Wyze Ticket 135402.


Yeah, it doesn’t look like your RouteThis code made it into the ticket. I’ll add it as an internal note and let the techs know. :slight_smile:


133722 is the support ticket. I am requesting a replacement camera because of all the issues and I need one that is dependable.

I sent you a reply through our system. :slight_smile:

I sent a reply already.