Disable "Trigger & action are the same device" popup warning

I have a Rule that is set up to make a camera siren go off if motion is detected on the same camera. I do not want the rule enabled all the time, just sometimes. Every time I go in to either disable or enable the rule, I get a pop up notification that says “The trigger and action are for the same device. Are you sure you want to proceed?” and I have to hit Proceed. Like, yeah, duh I set up the rule. I’m aware. Why does it have to pester me with this notification every single time I want to enable or disable the rule? Can you guys stop this annoying notification or give me a checkbox to disable it for the future?


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I agree. The first time is great for a simple reminder. But after that it is a bit tiresome. There are infinite possibilities for Rules being triggered by and actioned on the same device.

Can we get a “Don’t Remind Me Again” checkbox?