Direct connect to ipad

Can I direct connect wyze camera to my ipad?

No. The camera has a cable attached, but it is for power only. You can only access data on the cam via WiFi.


Technically, it’s possible for 2 wifi-enabled devices to connect directly without going through a router. I believe it’s called non-infrastructure connection. But the devices’ firmware/apps need to have that feature. AFAIK, Wyze didn’t implement this.

One last question. You told me to hook up a wyze camera through tiny cam. I can’t figure out how to do connect. Can you give me some advice on that. I want to check the latency


Bob Keith

It’s a little confusing topic but I’ll try to explain. There are 2 ways you use tinycam and I’m not sure which one you’re interested in.

First, tinycam is a direct (but limited) replacement for the Wyze app in that it can display your cameras. As-is, no extra configuration needed. The link to the instructions is below.

Second, for people who not allowed (or can’t get cell signals) to use phones at work but want to see their cameras. Here, tinycam is installed on an old phone or tablet (or any Android device), and tinycam’s webserver feature is activated. That allows them to view the cameras using a web browser at work, provided they can forward their router ports.

How to add Wyze cameras to tinycam pro (also works in the free version):

How to set up tinycam webserver: (might need the pro version)

Many people here have done this. Ask, if you run into problems.

Addendum: My personal experience with tinycam’s webserver is mixed. While it runs well on my octa-core TV box, when I tested it on an old Samsung S8+, the webserver drops the connection after a few frames. Sounded to me that the S8+ isn’t powerful enough.