Difficulty reviewing videos with CamPlus

Have 3 Cam 3s with Cam Plus. Events are shown but often when i try to review it gives an error message to go to sevice page and sign the camera. On going to the service page everything is fine. I would like to use CamPlus but at present it does not seem to come up to expectations.

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Can you send a screenshot of this error

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After opening up the event to full screen like that, where are you clicking to get that popup? What happens if you click the green bubble with the ? In it?

It does not play automatically, then when I click it this message comes up. It is happening randomly. I had someone come to the front door today. This first video does not play and I get this message. The next one plays fine.

Where on the screen are you clicking to get that message

Issue has been noted. Please hit the “like” button on the Fix-It Friday post to gain Wyze attention to this issue: