Differentiate between lights turning on and actual motion


Is there a way to differentiate and only detect motion regarding actual movement and not due to lights turning on/off in the room? Issue is that while security is on, lights will be going on and off, and the camera will be on, so it will send false positives every time a light turns on.

tried playing with the motion sensitivity, but did not see much of a difference in this regard.



Currently there is no way of differentiating actual movement and things like, lights coming on or off, insects flying into the detection zone, headlights from cars going by your street, leaves moving with the wind etc… etc… Motion detection on WYZECAM is called CV (computer vision) and based on changes to the picture pixels within the detection zone and that means anything that cause a change in the pixels (in your case changing light levels) will cause a notification. I am using my two WYZECAMs to monitor my driveway and my house entrance and i get tons of notifications every night especially with the nightvision ON, due to various insects flying into the detection zone. Not so bad when the exterior house lights are ON and nightvision is OFF. Motion alert can certainly be a pain in the neck under certain circumstances. A combination of PIR (detects body heat of living creatures) and CV with some software intelligence built-in would be a better solution but we are talking about a system that costs $20/camera so I am not sure how feasible to even think about this.

The camera doesn’t have a traditional motion detection system like infrared, what triggers the alerts is a change in pixels intensity somewhere in the detection zone or sound captured by the camera, this is why when lights go on in the room or a car headlights shine on the DZ the alerts go off, that is the nature of the beast but just remember it was only $19.99


That’s what I thought. not complaining about the price. its a great camera and set of features for this price.

It would however seem to be that if they tied some logic to the need to turn on night vision, we would be half way there. The ring door bell works the same way unfortunately.


Yes, I also think that some additional intelligence built-into the motion detection routines would help reduce some of the false alarms. I also think that nightvision should have another option besides ON/OFF/AUTO which would allow the infrared lights to be turned ON/OFF at specific times (scheduled).