Different triggers

So I purchased the switch and happy with the functions. I wanted to use some automation to have the switch turn on when motion is detected from a camera. I was able to set this up but quickly realized that the switch would not turn off.

I was hoping that there would be an add to the triggers that when the camera no longer detects motion you could control the switch.

I used this on another system to have different lights turn on and off with motion for security purposes.

Also, a delay would be beneficial. Like, if no motion is detected for 15 minutes (for example) turn off the switch or turn off switch in 5 minutes after no motion is detected. A delay turning on the switch when motion is detected.

Hopefully this is in the works or can be in the works to help with home automation?

You can create a device trigger rule that says if the switch stays on for x minutes, turn the switch off. But then alerting to motion detection really has to be the only function of the switch, or it would turn off during normal use.

Hopefully they will add ‘when motion stops’ triggers to the camera though! :slight_smile:

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