Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

So what you are saying is you are only interested in having a different sound notification for the Wyze app in general and not each individual device. I believe what people have been asking for is individual device notifications so we can tell the difference between important notifications vs one for the entire array of all devices. Personally I could care less what the sound is for the Wyze app, I need to know which camera or sensor was just tripped. I get dozens of notifications per day that are not real important but maybe somewhat useful but I really would like to know which camera just saw something so I react accordingly instead of checking my phone every 5 minutes to see what happened. This is a make or break on whether or not I buy more Wyze products. I realize they are inexpensive cameras with a fair picture quality but I will probably be looking for a more aligned security line of cameras so that I know when one has tripped that is was in fact a camera. PS. This topic has not been solved I far as I have seen.

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There are two ways for Wyze to approach this. I addressed both. Since you’re obviously an Android user I’m not surprised you don’t get it. But I won’t slam you for it as you’ve slammed me.

I’d prefer Wyze do what you and others here are requesting. I personally don’t need multiple distinct sounds for each cam. But I might in the future and Wyze should just go ahead and do that. I’m starting to question their competency for the task though considering they can’t deliver even just a distinct alert sound of any kind. Just ludicrous!

I agree. It has not been solved. What I am indicating is there is a partial workaround for Android users that will at least differentiate a Wyze notification rather than some other app using the default notification tone.

As indicated earlier…

I too want Wyze to develop differing types of notifications, either with app resident provided notification tones, or just unique notifications I can manually assign different tones. Right now, all push notifications, regardless of the trigger, come in as “WyzeMessage” on Android.

I have also employed an additional measure that tells me when a Wyze notification comes in, exactly what the notification is and what device initiated that notification. It is just a workaround, but it works.

I have installed the app Free Notification Reader. It is a bit labor intensive to get the settings right as it is very technical in the advanced settings, but when a Wyze notification comes in (or any other app you choose) the app reads aloud the text of that notification. So, when I get a PD notification on my Garage Cam, I will hear my specially assigned Wyze notification tone and 1 second later the Assistant Voice will say aloud over the speaker “Message from Wyze, Person Detected on Garage Cam at 2:33 pm. Check out the event video.” Or… “Message from Wyze, Motion detected on Garage Motion Sensor”. Any device set for notifications will be audibly announced.

It also works on my BT headset when driving and it also reads my emails and SMS texts to me.

The app is fully customizable for advanced users who want to tweak the settings with custom scripts.

Just ideas to make it easier until Wyze wades through the weeds getting to an RC solution.

Possible fix: As an example, Canary solved this within the App:

How do I set a custom sound for Canary notifications?

With the most recent Canary app update (v2.1.0 for iOS and Android), you can now choose between your phone’s default notification sound and a new Canary alert. This is a profile setting, so all of your Canary devices will play the sound that is selected.

To change the selected sound:

  1. Tap the three lines in the top right corner.
  2. Tap My account .
  3. Tap Preferences .
  4. Tap Notification sound .
  5. Tap your preferred sound
    • Device default
    • Canary
  6. Tap Save

This topic addresses the need for a different notification sound at the app level, not the device level. Android already provides this functionality. iOS does not without a 3rd party app.

The topic that covers device level notifications is located here:

Individual Camera, Sense, Doorbell, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color

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You make it sound like Android provides this natively. IT DOES NOT. The links you referred to talks about using an Android app called LightFlow. Some, including me, are reluctant re installing apps, because of spying/tracking, so we think the functionality should be built into the Wyze app itself.

I tried FilterBox because it was free, but it provided no way to override DND or Mute (for those really important notifications) and I found no way to contact the Chinese developer.

So I tried Buzzkill, a $2.50 app by a Brit fellow, that requires NO PERMISSIONS, which makes me trust it more. The developer has been fast with replies, but he does need more documentation online, since the app is not all that INTUITIVE, but it does work and works with ALL NOTIFICATIONS on your Android phone, not just Wyze.

I have more details on my experience with Buzzkill on these Wyze forums if you want to look for them.

And so, I’m no longer waiting on Wyze to add these custom notifications.

Just re-read your post. I mis-interpreted, my apologies.
You made me aware of LightBox app which I might try sometime, so thanks for the tip.

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You are continuing to conflate 2 separate issues. This topic you are commenting on is related to a different notification sound at the app level. Android provides this for any app that chooses to make use of it. The Wyze app for Android is already satisfied by this wishlist request. The setting is in Android, not the Wyze app.

The other wishlist request that addresses your need covers different notification sounds for each device and if implemented will make LightFlow or FilterBox unnecessary.

I am very familiar with both products and have been using Light Flow for longer than Wyze has been a company.

Please avoid diverting this wishlist topic. If you continue, we (moderators) will move all device-level comments to the appropriate wishlist topic, Individual Camera, Sense, Doorbell, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color


Thanks @Seapup! :+1: Fully understood your differentiation between Android OS level global notification settings control, App level control, and Wyze device level control. Thanks for the link too! Didn’t know the Wyze device level was a separate wishlist item.


Still waiting for “WebView”… LOL It was supposed to release after the first of the year. Still Beta. But hey, at least there’s a gun safe and an air purifier - so we’ve got that going for us.

Beta is certainly better than nada. And, even though it is beta, it is still accessible to all who care to try it, no beta buy in needed

As far as unique notifications are concerned… I’m thinking they will add that feature when cash gets tight … and it will be an add-on to CamPlus… it will be CamPlus+±Plus++Plus-Plus-Beta+. Just $3.00 per month, or $30 per year.

Seeing as how this feature request has transitioned from the #wishlist to the #roadmap and is in development, and because it has over 704 vote requests, I would be more confident speculating that they would implement this as an app feature rather than a CamPlus feature.


Actually Ring camera DO have different Notification sounds for each camera. My Mom have Ring and her front Floodlight camera alert her cellphone with “Chimes” sounds while the camera at the back alert her cellphone with “Dogs Barking”. For each camera, you can set up a different notification sound. I wish Wyze would offer the same thing, even if a choice of 3-5 notification sounds that way I, too can differentiate between Wyze camera (and which ones) and text messages on my cellphone.

You can currently change your Wyze notification sound differently than your SMS or other notifications. You need to go to Settings → apps & notfications → Wyze and set notifications there. (This is for android. Not sure iOS supports the same or not). But there is no way to put different sounds for each separate whyze device. Forget about different cameras, I cannot set a different chime for my Robot Vacuum from my cameras. Which is, in my opinion, a pretty basic thing that a “security” related device provider should think about!

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iOS supports it. But Wyze in its infinite wisdom has never implemented it.

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I am DONE waiting. I just bought a bunch of Ring cameras to replace my Wyze cameras.

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Greetings everyone!

I have been experimenting with a couple 3rd party apps as a workaround. I am using both these apps currently in testing with great results.

I do not know if either of these have iOS counterparts as I am Androidian.

I originally used the app Free Notification Reader to force the phone to audibly speak my Wyze Notifications over the speaker or BT Headset. I could also customize the preamble to every notification to say ‘Alert’ or ‘Attention’ or whatever I wanted. Because of the Notification Tone being limited to one tone for all Wyze Notifications in the Android App Notification settings, I customized that to the Jetson’s tune although Free Notifications Reader can do that as well through the app.

Every time any of my 12 cams sends a notification, I would hear the Jetsons Tune followed by “Alert. Person Detected on camname Cam at 1:02pm. Check out the event video”. So, I audibly heard a) what was detected, b) what cam detected it and c) when. However, if this was on the phone speaker, it could get a bit annoying and wordy.

Another user in the forum introduced me to an app called MacroDroid. This app gives me the ability to set a custom notification sound for each and every one of my individual cams.

Setting up a macro for each cam was super easy. For my Garage Cam, I tell the macro to watch for any notification containing the words “Garage Cam” and to play a custom tone from my ringtone library when it comes in. Since the number of tones I have is limited by only the number I want to download, it is limitless. 100 cams = 100 tones. Or record your own. And, it isn’t limited to cams. Any notification from Wyze, so long as it states the device name, can be set for a custom tone. And that’s not all. It can trigger the phone to vibrate, flash the LED, open the app, send a SMS Text, send an email, send a tweet, trigger another app to do something, tons of action options (see the screenshot list below)

With these two apps working together, I have shut off my Android setting Jetson’s tone for Wyze notifications because the MacroDroid tone will play at the same time and they will walk on each other.

I have the Free Notifications Reader set to only read when my BT headset is connected (driving) so it only reads in my ear, not out loud on the speaker (although it would probably work on a BT car link, I don’t have that BC I prefer old beaters). It plays the MacroDroid device specific tone (not limited to cams… ANY Wyze device) then I have a 1 second delay set to read the notification on my BT headset so the tone stops first. When I am on phone speaker, all I hear is the MacroDroid set tone for whatever device triggered the notification (cam, contact sensor, motion sensor, leak detector, HMS alarm, Thermostat… ANY Wyze IoT device that can send a notification).

Here are links to the apps if you are interested. Free Notification Reader is free and without ads:

MacroDroid is has a free version limited to 5 macros with ads. Pro version is $5.99


Thank you for this! This is exactly what I’m looking for, or, well partly exactly. :slight_smile: I still want to be able to send select notifications to my watch but having different sounds for different camera alerts will be a HUGE step forward.

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Yes, I recommend Macrdorid all the time for various things! (Android).

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