Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

It would be complete home security solution if App provides option to ring smartphone with some high sound when person detected and say something called “Ringer” option enabled for that camera/sensor

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I’m guessing they don’t want to market the cameras as a “security system” because that could bring liability issues. However, they can still market it as a monitoring system and still offer the alert. It certainly would take this product to the next level.

so in researching it. it looks like this is another case of apple being apple. this is no fault of Wyze that apple will not allow per app spec for DND and unless you jailbreak your iphone I don’t see a way to allow the Wyze app to get through DND on IOS. I don’t know what ring does to “get around” the IOS DND so I con’t speak as to Wyze implementing it…but concerning all the things Apple does to control programmers and their apps, maybe its time to get away from IOS. if nothing else…planned obsolescence would be a reason to avoid apple.

this appears to be completely out of Wyze’s figurative hands for the most part.


I would like to have the option of choosing a distinctive notification for the cameras and possibly a choice for each camera

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Needed… .ability tp create sounds for each cameras notification.

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Please add my vote to the feature request tracker for unique notification sounds on iPhone

Hi @mes5278, and welcome to the community. Please remember to VOTE at top-left. :slight_smile:


I would want it to be possible to assign a custom notification to each camera. Then I can create custom TTS sound files like "Front Door"for each camera so I don’t even need to look at my phone to know what the notification is for.

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Please excuse my “newness”. Receive notifications for sounds, movements, persons, etc. on my iPhone but no sound, only visual banners. How do I enable this?

Notifications with sound would be a setting on your device, in this case your iPhone.
I don’t have any experience with iPhones, so maybe someone else will chime in and help you with that

Goto: Settings/ Notifications/ Wyze/ make sure the “Sounds” tab is on. Also goto: Settings/ Sounds & Haptics/ Ringers and Alerts/ make sure it is loud enough that you can hear the alert. Alerts on iPhone are NOT affected by the normal volume controls - only this setting.

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Thanks so much!!! Have done both and hope I don’t hear it tonight 8-). Will test tomorrow!

How do you get different tones for different cameras. I have a Samsung phone and I am only able to select one sound and it works for ALL cameras.

Quit saying that! There are some of us that have 3 or more WYZE cameras and would like separate sounds for EACH.

I just got my 3rd Wyze camera. It would be great to have the app allow us to choose a sound for EACH camera we have. Using Android, under Notifications in Settings, Wyze appears once (not each camera) so only ONE sound can be chosen. I would like to be able to choose a separate sound for EACH of my cameras, and the app would be the place to get that choice. Please make this a priority, thanks.

Please change the app to allow each camera to have its own notification sound.

There is a work-around you could use until they decide to implement if they do, there is an Android app called LightFlow, I have not used it in a bit but you can set it up so when, for example, the notification says motion detected on cam 1 it plays sound 1 and when it says motion detected on cam 2 it plays sound 2. Yes I know it’s not perfect but if you are looking for a result now it may work


I just set up my first Wyze Cam today. Is the notification for “sound” and “motion” merely your phone’s notification sound, or are we supposed to be getting a text or email? If it’s our phone’s “ding”, Is there a way to know if the “ding” is my Wyze Cam, email, text or something else? I love the cam but need to know what’s being notifying. I have several more cams to set up but want to be able to know what camera is alerting me.

Yes, the notification sound is just your phone’s notification sound , you can change the sound for the wyze app on android version 8 or above , how to do that is in this thread.
There is no a text or email

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for your android phone, there is a work around to set up different notifications for different cameras. check out this write up I did the other day.

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