Hi Can I use a tablet or laptop to view WyzeCam?

Will multiple cams work with 1 MBPS internet?

There isnt access via tablet or computer (I Have Tried!!)Only IOS or Android App is currently Available.

There is no web browser or computer function currently, but the camera should work on an Android tablet or iPad running compatible operating systems.

I downloaded the WyzeCam app to my iPad air and it works great. My tablet is my primary viewing source.

I wanted to find out if I could use the Wyze app on my Chromebook so I installed it and opened the app and it works great… Just go to the Google Pay Store and look for Wyze Android App and download it to your chrome book then sign in and it will be up and running in no time… Don’t forget to use or set up (2) step authorization …

I can’t seem to find the Wyze app from my Chromebook. :frowning: I’d love to get it installed and test it out. I have the HP 14" Chromebook