Device Trigger Rule with a Group of Contacts?

I am new to WYZE and the Beta test group.
I looked for an answer to this on the forum but didn’t find anything. I just got a Sense starter kit and additional 4 contact sensors.
I setup most of the contact sensors on exterior doors and then put them together in a group called Exterior Doors.

I want to make a rule to trigger if any of the Exterior Door contacts opens then turn on lights, record videos and eventually add a plug to turn on a siren. I can’t find a way to make a rule that triggers on a group of contacts.

Has anyone tried doing something like this?

My hardware / software
Android Pixel 3a app V2.11.32 (android beta)
Pan Cam FW
V2 Cam FW (bridge plugged in here)
2 Plugs FW
Bridge FW
1 Motion Sensor
6 Contact sensors

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