Device Count on Wyze App

There used to be a Device Count feature on the Account>Home Page in the Wyze App. Not sure when it went away, or why.

Requesting the resurgence of this feature.

(OLD, Not Sure of Version)

I’ll vote for this because it was handy when it was there before, I don’t know why it was removed.

I think you just want this back so you can implement a new contest tweak/variation between yourself, @spamoni4 and me about who has the most Wyze devices.

This is kind of cheating though since it excludes all the non-connected devices like the cordless vacuum which I pre-ordered one of and you didn’t. Cheap shot, buddy, real cheap shot…


The non-connectables will be easy to manage in a forum list as @spamoni4 challenged himself with. You wont believe how many night lights I have, the stick vac offers me no concern😀

Aaaaand, only deployed in your primary residence, my 100 thermometers are off the table :wink:


Touché. For now there is a 3rd party workaround get the total count of connected Wyze Devices. If you log into your Wyze account through TinyCam then click on the “Camera Status” setting it will give a list of every connected Wyze Device and it’s assigned “Channel number” in the Wyze App/Cloud. For example:

So based on that I currently have 91 connected. I have a bunch more devices that I need to reactivate now that I’ve moved houses though, so I’ll be somewhere >100+ when I get around to it. But while you’re waiting for Wyze to add this feature back (like I hope they do), you can install one of these on Android, add a Wyze camera and then look at the Camera Status setting, it will show you all your Wyze Devices and their Channel numbers in order:

(Available for Alexa devices too)

(As an interesting side-note, TinyCam creator was also hired by Wyze about a year ago, and is apparently still allowed to leave up this 3rd party option)

I think this method would probably show the Night Lights and lamp and anything else that actually connects to the app at all since it shows my scale. It just wouldn’t show anything that doesn’t use the app.