Dev contact from Google Play

I found out this morning that the email provided in Google Play under the Beta app ( is not a viable email address.

You found out how?
No response or bounced email?
I’ve sent email to it and have never received a response. This is not unusual for Wyze.

Bounceback saying it was an unmonitored email

Actually, I think I read that they were going to stop using that email address. I don’t know why they continue to post it on the Play Store.

that is fine, but when google play provides an email for the development team through the app page it should go somewhere, or else it seems like the developers do not want to hear back from ther users.

Very few users would go to a forum like this anymore and instead would spout off on Twitter about their issues.
I prefer to go direct to the source with feedback or questions.

Apparently Wyze wants beta feedback through Facebook.
I don’t use Facebook.
I report some issues here. If they read it fine. If they don’'t that’s fine too.

Hahah! I’m in the beta program but have not been accepted into the FB group for weeks now, so I guess this is the only place I can post about beta stuff.

If you have issues getting into the Facebook group make sure you have answered all the questions and agreed to the rules. Then you should get in.


Thanks! That must’ve been it, I didn’t realize there was a scroll bar, answered the first question and hit submit! :slight_smile: I think I got em all this time! Thanks again!

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