Stupidity on my part

in the beta program, thought my app was beta version, BUT
my wyze email & my android play email are 2 different accounts.

So, I need to fix this.
Ive tried to switch between accounts and d/l beta but it is not acknowledged under the beta program email.
Looked for beta under the account I d/led wyze app with, not present in the beta tab.

I really do not want to use the android gmail account for the beta program, would rather use my wyze associated email.
But I think I have to delete the app, then install beta from the other account on the play app.

Will I lose all my devices & have to re-add doing this?

Or other solution?

You can use any email account to download the program, so use the account associated with the play store to download. When you log into the app whether it be the beta or production as long as you use your WYZE login the devices will all be there.

Sounds like you just need to get your play store email associated with the beta program.

As I have said, the email associated with beta is not the same as I associated with the play store account wyze is downloaded with.

In google play store you can have multiple emails associated with the store, but apps downloaded on 1 play email account are not transferable to a different play email account
wyze d/l from play with dumb1@gmail
beta registered with notsodumb@domain
beta cannot be downloaded with Wyze installed from dumb1 account, NO beta available

So I MUST register a 2nd account in the beta program, result no useful data in beta from 1 account.

Yep, I understand what you are saying I may just not be explaining well. I use Android and multiple accounts.

I have an email I currently use to log in to the WYZE app. for example
I have an email not associated with beta so at times I can d/ production app
I have an email associated with the beta so I can run the beta app

So no matter what account I download from as long as I log in with all the devices are there.

So yes what you need to do is associate a play store email with the beta, but you can still log into the app with what you have been and the devices will be there.


i log in to the Wyze app with a yahoo account and my play store is a gmail email … i still have the beta version on my phone.

Yep. AOL for Wyze and Gmail for store and on beta.