Detection zone issue with Doorbell Pro


I have had my doorbell pro now for multiple months and have dialed everything in to make it as functional as possible. I am having an issue where the detection zone doesn’t work 100% of the time during dusk and dawn. I am wondering if my double pillar in front of the camera is messing with the AI. If anyone has any tips I would very much appreciate it!

Other than this rather minor issue, which is more use case in my opinion, this product has been wonderful. Thank you Wyze!

Android app V.245.0 (342)
Doorbell Pro firmware V.1.0.73

I’d place my bets on the shadows in the area I “circled” in green shifting position the most dramatically during dawn and dusk… particularly the things colored in red .

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Thank you! I didn’t think about the shadows causing the issue. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to resolve this as the sunsets towards my front door, but if is nice to know what’s causing this. Thank you again!

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