Detection Zone: how to move it up

I want the camera to wake up as someone approaches. I cannot figure out how to have the green zone on the top of the image. By the time the camera starts, the person has moved out of the area. I have tried the sliders Close and Far. I don’t see any difference.

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I’m guessing you have the Outdoor Camera. The green zone isn’t movable but you can turn the camera upside down, then rotate the image in the Wyze app.

The Outdoor Camera uses infrared detectors which look for changes in heat moving across the field.
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That’s how I had it the first month. But then I read that it would pick up too much movement (i.e. branches and such), which was happening here. It would activate by the shadows and light movement from the branches and leaves reflected on the pavement before the front door. That’s why I turned it around.

So as you can tell that is a limitation/benefit of how that camera works. You might want to turn down sensitivity, repoint, or replace it with a V2 or V3 camera (which detect based on pixel changes).

  • With the green zone on the bottom, the camera doesn’t trigger until after the persone has moved out of the area.
  • With the green detect zone on the top, the camera is often triggered by branch and leave movement or other reflections near front door.
  1. The Outdoor Camera is always asleep and doesn’t wake up until a heat source crosses the detect zones.
  2. It then takes a second or so to start recording by which time the subject has left the field of view.

The camera has to be at a right angle to the subject’s path, creating a wide reliable detect zone.
The camera has to be far enough away so the camera will maintain the subject within viewable field while it is waking up and begin the recording.

This is more a rearrangement of thoughts then a solution. Hope it is of value. :slightly_smiling_face:

My experience precisely. oh bother! I guess I will go back to upside down for now. Thanks!

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Try a different location. Use the magnifing glass top right of this page.
Search on “outdoor camera zones”. Get ideas from others struggling with same problem.

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