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Hope someone can shed some light on my situation and hopefully assist.
I have purchased 3 wyze cam v3 for home security and they are mounted outside around my house, each of these have a sim card in and i have them on continuous record.

My use case is i am wanting to limit the events that are recorded to cloud to ONLY person detection, and subsequently receive a push notification as such and that event record to the cloud
i do not want ALL motion triggering an event, reason being is the camera is picking up shadow movements which is causing all kinds of alerts.
The ideal situation or end result is when i am away from the property, when someone comes on sight the camera does its 12 + second record and i recieve the notification.

How do i do this, thank you

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All events / Motion is recorded and sent to the cloud for processing and will end up in your events location. However, to limit your notifications, simply select AI Notifications only:

Here is my Event Recording Tab

Here is my Notifications Area

  • Arrow pointing to All Motion needs to be turned Off

  • The Notification options you see is in Beta currently. If you are not running the Beta, you will see Wyze AI Events - Make sure that is on


Thank you so much for the information.
wow that’s quite a lot of data they will get sent up for false positives i suppose be it the case

does this same process work if i am on the free plan, i know that does person detection at the moment for “donation” but cant drill down to this level of detail

if so, to clarify this means i will only get alerted from “person” detections

I believe you are talking about Cam Plus Lite - correct? If you are using Cam Plus Lite, you will still get everything you have today and then get Person Detection. You can then do what I am recommending above. To sign-up for Cam Plus Lite go here: Wyze Home Monitoring Service , then Click add Subscription, scroll to the bottom and select Cam Plus Lite. From there you select what you would like to pay, choose other if you want to enter 0 or another number. If you entered 0, you will get a popup to ask if you would be willing to pay $1, say No or yes, appropriately.

If you don’t sign-up for CPL, you will eventually only get a thumbnail of the event and then it will link you to the timestamp on your SD Card where the event is to watch. This reduces the amount of data being sent to AWS and Storage. However, you do lose the Person detection

is this what you were asking?

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Heya, yes that is correct, through either cam plus lite or no plan at all making this work, sounds like it will which is great

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Will work with CPL as it provide Person detection.

heya i seem to be hitting a bit of a snag sorry, maybe through lack of understanding, so whenever motion is detected of any kind it is recoding a 12 sec block to the cloud, total pain in the backside on a windy day with trees being seen as motion :P. what i am trying to do in practice is the cameras will record continually to my sd card, but will only trigger an event if it detects a person ( not motion or car or pet, unless i select it ), i know i can filter the events but its still recording to cloud all the time any movement at all is detected

You can notify only on person detection, but in order to do so, as you surmised, you must allow it to record all motion events to cloud servers.