Cam Plus Lite - Cannot turn on in App

Three of our v3 cameras are listed in the “Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy)” under the Services menu of the Wyze app. However, none of the slide switches there works. If we try to slide them to turn on, the switches just go back by themselves to off.

Does anyone know what could be happening? Thanks in advance!

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In order to use it, you need to make sure you have opted into it. Log into your account from a browser and check your services first. If you don’t see it, then go here: Wyze Home Monitoring Service or click on Add Service. you will need to scroll to the bottom and select Cam Plus Lite


Thanks a million! That is what we needed to know and did not. We did exactly as you said it, and now all those slide switches in the app for Cam Plus Lite are active and have been turned on.

Thanks again for the very quick and helpful response!



My Pleasure - Enjoy.


I have a similar problem. My screen doesn’t show all 4 camera’s that I have. The two Cam+ show but only one of the other two. I don’t know why the 4th camera does not show.

Couple of Questions:

  • What is the model of the Camera which is not showing?
  • Is the Camera not showing part of Cam Plus or Cam Plus Pro?
  • Is the Affected Camera currently on a Cam Plus Trial?

Asking because if the Camera is already part of Cam Plus or a trial it will not show on the list of available camera’s.

Here is am image of what is currently supported:

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So I have an email that says I am getting free upgrade on other cameras to cam plus lite as I subscribe to pro. As above, you cannot not toggle on. If I go to enroll as indicated, it still wants you to subscribe and requiring more money. Any idea what I am missing? Thanks~

You subscribe, choose other for the amount and enter 0 if you don’t want to pay.

Greta thanks!

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I tried this also and chose other then entered 0 however it keeps prompting me to pay an amount… If I choose an amount, is it one charge for all the cameras that are getting the cam lite or is it that amount for each camera that I’m supposed to be getting the free Cam lite on?

The Prompt you get asks if you are willing to pay a dollar. Not sure what the options are but say no and wait. It will then associate it to your account. I have helped a few out with this.

Provide a screen shot when you get to that point.

Here is a link I provided in the past:

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