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Are there plans for users to view Wyze Cams (including outdoor cams) using a desktop app or browser? My wife works at home and she wants to have a real-time view of the front Wyze cam on her computer screen… since she is using her phone to chat, the phone app isn’t the best solution in this case. I do have an RSTP feed for one of the cams but I’d like to have them all shown simultaneously. Sorry, if there are already multiple threads on this topic.


Eventually (hopefully) yes. I have all my V2 and Pan cameras flashed for RTSP (except two V2s that I have not been to recently). All those stream via RTSP to BlueIris software running on my server. RTSP firmware is not YET available for V3 cameras. Wyze is also moving towards WebRTC, which will serve the same purpose. I can watch any or all of the cameras either via the local screen on the server, a TeamViewer session to the server or what I normally do is a web view from BlueIris which can operate as a web server. Here is a group of six of my cameras as seen via the BlueIris web server.

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You should read this:

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I bought the outdoor cams (with base station) thinking that an RSTP connection would be available… negative. So now, I have to use both applications the WYZE app to view the outdoor cams and Blue Iris to view my other WYZE cams and FOSCAM cams. I was trying to avoid using multiple apps… any body got any ideas? It would be nice for the base station to stream RTSP so I can just simply get the feed in Blue Iris.

RTSP highly unlikely for the outdoor cams…battery draw is too high.