Deer in the burbs

Not spectacular by any means but an uncommon visitor in this area nowadays. Where my semi-rural home is becoming more suburban every day…

There were 2 trotting around the hood and one crossed my camera


I’m jealous of all that land. I live in a really old Urban house right now. Although with this crazy housing market, our house is now worth more than 4 times what we paid for it like 8 years ago, so that’s a plus. Still, my wife & I want to eventually move to an area more like this with a lot more land, and safer for our outdoor kitties. Plus, I never see deer down here! Jealous.

*Note my background… that was Farm land until earlier this year… The houses are closing in.

I had a couple of deer visit me early Monday and snacked on a few flowers growing under the light pole by my driveway.


The only deer I have is what is left of one in the freezer. Since the deer in California are the size of big dogs I had to go back home to rural N.Y. State and “Obtain” one and import back here with me. Fire up the cast iron skillet :yum:

Yep car wreckers here in the Midwest.

One of the best deer I ever got for “FREE” was in Iowa, a good corn fed creature. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol, we are all corn fed in the mid west.

Corn Whiskey
Corn Rye
Corn Vodka
Corn Bread