Buck at my cabin

I live out in the boonies, more deer than people out here!


Tasty looking guy. My brother lives in rural New York State has has a yard full of them every day. Same issue, more deer than people.

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This little buck has been wandering around my backyard tonight.


Nice! I have a video of a LARGE cougar in my driveway from about a year ago but not on a Wyze cam. I don’t know if I can post it here or not. I’m new here.

And wandering on my street tonight.


You reminded me: I need to move. I need to live somewhere less people-y. I wanna see woodland creatures in my yard… I got a shadowy figure of a man carrying an axe at 4 :30 am in my back yard.

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Here’s a Buck…

Well, that’s not scary at all! :astonished:

The sad part is: I’m getting used to this. (BTW, your doggo is CUTE! Not sure if I did it right but if I did, I threw the thread way off target to show my little guy, AJ (not sure what that stands for, Almond Joy or Apple Jack, lol)