Dec 2, 2020: No more Life360 on IFTTT

I know a lot people on these forums have been using IFTTT with Life360 for geofencing. It works great.

Any suggestions for alternatives. I just need my Wyze cams to turn on/off as I leave my home.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Would something like this work:

It’s for a similar situation.

Which platform do you use… iOS or Android?

I had originally set up my Wyze cams using IFTTT’s location service, but I found it wasn’t very reliable. Others on this forum had suggested Life360, which works great.

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If you use HomeKit you can use a Homekit automation to do geofencing along with Webhooks in IFTTT. I use geofencing to turn off my cameras in the house when someone arrives and back on when we leave. Here is a link to my post last year that explains how to accomplish this.

Thank you. Seems a little complicated, but I’m willing to give it a try.

I haven’t found it to be unreliable, but everyone’s devices are different!
It’s still worth a try if you’d like.