Daylight Savings problem vacuum

Since DST last weekend my vacuum will not run at the scheduled time. I am in AZ and we don’t change our clock. I tried deleting the schedule and creating a new one but that did not fix the problem.

Looks like the rest of us will be joining you. The Senate unanimously voted to stop the madness. Now waiting for the House to vote, then it goes to some committee to determine whether we permanently fall back or spring forward. I vote for the latter.

As for your time change issue, a quick solution would be to alter the schedule by an hour to compensate for the change.

Our Wyze robot vacuum ‘Sharon’ is on call, and does not run on a schedule so I can’t help much more than a band-aid

I saw that in the news. I cannot figure out why they feel the need to lock in DST when just staying on standard time would be so much easier. From a process/regulatory standpoint.