Day 1 of My Wyzer House and I’m Frustrated!

Hey all -

I just purchased and received the Starter Pack. I was so excited to get everything working together but already having issues.

The motion sensor in my basement is supposed to trigger the Wyze bulb near it. However, sometimes the motion sensor doesn’t pick up motion. And other times, I see the red light flash on it (I’m assuming this means it’s detecting motion) but the rule doesn’t activate the bulb like it should.

Further, the last time I went downstairs, I saw the red light blink but it doesn’t show anything under device history in the app.

Any thoughts?


Yes, adding WYZE products is supposed to make your house Wyzer. :grin:
I like it.

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The issue seems to have fixed itself for now. I’ll wait and see!

Welcome to the forum.
Sorry, couldn’t really help you with sensors. I don’t have any.
If you have a problem in the future someone here will help you.

I’m sorry too. I was just being snarky while waiting for someone with sensor experience to come by.

Motion sensor is back to NOT working. My wife was finally getting on board with the spending on smart home devices. She loved her little bulb turning on in the basement when she walked downstairs. It didn’t work this morning! Ugh.

Unfortunate coincidence. They just had a big problem with the Amazon “cloud” affecting everyone’s sensors…

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