Cycle / rotate which camera is being viewed

First of all I really like the multi-camera view.

However I also like to have one camera being shown full screen on my 10" Android screen. Would it be possible to set it up so it would (at a user defined time period) cycle through different cameras in a user defined order?

Love this idea as I use mine as baby monitors between a two year old and my 4 month old in diffrent rooms. I like to see this as an option!!!

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A feature I would love to see would be a sequence feature. For example, let’s say you have 4 cameras in a group, you would set up a sequence subgroup with 2 cameras. The app would load those two cameras but only show 1 of them fullscreen for a selectable period of time, let’s say 10 seconds, then it would switch to the second feed flawlessly then back after 10 seconds. Our security cameras at my job have this and it very helpful. Sorry if something like this has already been posted. I couldn’t find anything about it searching the terms I searched for.

a way to make the cameras switch back and forth automatically. We were planning on using them as baby monitors but need them to switch every 30 seconds or so on their own from room to room because I can’t be going in and out manually through the night.

Make a viewing option that takes select cameras live feeds and rotated through them.

Camera 1 shows it’s feed on screen for 10 seconds. Camera 2 then shows its feed for 10 seconds. Camera 3, Camera 4, then back to Camera 1 and so on and so forth forever, until the user closes the viewing option.

An ability to choose which cameras to include in rotation as well as how long to show their views would be nice. This would be useful for someone like me who uses this as a security system and has a dedicated tablet used solely for the system. I’d like to display my various feeds while in bed at night.

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I like to leave the multi-camera view active on my cellphone so I can see the moment any activity is occurring on multiple cameras. But I FEAR screen burn-in for camera views with very little screen activity. Can we get an option in the software to do ANYTHING to prevent screen burn-in. My suggestion is to rotate the cameras positions every 60 seconds. So, that the view is never the same for long. Another idea is to simply flash the views with a randomly generated set of pixels that prevents the screen burn-in. Although, this one might not be the best idea. I’ll leave it up to the experts to figure this out. But please do something to address the issue. Screen burn-in is a horrible symptom to be stuck with if it can be prevented!

I know there have been a number of requests for better viewing options, including allowing more than four cams to be displayed on a page, etc. That said, in addition,
a “Slide Show View” would also be helpful, and hopefully this deserves a separate thread.

At the most basic, this would be a single camera view on a screen that would rotate through designated cameras pausing at user defined time intervals, just like photo slide shows work. That way you could monitor multiple cameras on a full screen view, on a rotating basis. There could also be an option for motion alerts to override the slide view and then return to slide view once the motion alert was viewed.


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I dig all the above suggestions but a smaller “request” I would have is to just to be able to cycle thru cameras by swiping left/right instead of having to hit the back button to the list of all cams to select another cam as well?

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As a new guy to the forum, I apologize for a question that may have been asked many times before:

Since we don’t have a desktop app for the system yet, is there a way to add a cycle thru cameras feature to the app?

Use: Once you add all your cameras to the app, you could then set the app to change camera every “X” amount of time. Like once per minute, every 3 min, every 5, etc…

Issue: without a desktop or TV type app, you have to trust the detection system to let you know if an event is detected. Mind you, I’ve been using mine for about 2 weeks and it works great as is. But if that feature could be added to the app, then a store owner could get a tablet and just let it run in cycle mode so they could see there whole property in turn. Add one more thing to that feature and it’s a great solution, ensure that there’s an option to have the camera go to a specific camera if that one alerts for an event. The only minor issue I have is when it alerts, if I’m on the phone, I won’t necessarily stop, look at the app to see what’s going on. But if I’m at my desk & have the app running on a cheap tablet, I can see what’s going on without interrupting the call.

In my mind, this would make your system 1000% equal to DVR based systems. Your system is amazing and does everything I want, and does it MUCH better than I expected at this price point. I’d say it’s doing almost double what I expected at half the price.

Just an idea…



Well written. Spot in for in home use as well!


I have two wyze cam v3 grouped but I would love it to be able to switch from one to the other after 15 or 20 seconds. This type of monitoring would be great so I don’t have to have the app open on two devices just to hear volume. I’ve moved away from my previous baby monitor to these cameras, just missing this feature

Please add a “Scroll” feature that would allow V3 camera users to do the following:

  • Automatically scroll through each of their cameras while live streaming
  • Pause at each camera for 20 seconds (this could be adjustable) before moving on to the next camera
  • Continuously loop through cameras

Just wondering if creating a cam “group” might better serve your needs…

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This is a good solution. Thank you for posting.

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A mode where that you can cycle through cameras. Like a security monitoring mode. You can add/“check” how ever many cameras in your app and cycle through them.

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Third-party Android app tinyCam has the feature to continuously cycle between Wyze cams singly or in a group. The ‘sequence’ timing is adjustable. Free and paid versions available.

Apple people with a Mac can run tinyCam on Bluestacks if it suits them. Emulate Android 9 or above.

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