Customer service

I have written cs more than 5 times about my camera almost catching fire. No response for monthS

Anyone else having this issue?

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That’s unfortunate. I do recall one or two similar posts. Have you had the house wiring looked at by an electrician?

How eery … i was just reading that 310 post thread about cams melting at the SD card slot.

Because there are multiple folks reporting this, I can’t imagine all those folks have electrical wiring issues.

If I experienced this issue, I’d probably seek some professional folks.

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That’s my suggestion. Have an electrician look everything over. Have the wiring checked out, as well as the cameras. It’s amazing how poor even modern homes wiring is. Literally just down the road an acquaintance built a brand new home with a reputable national builder. Yet over half the outlets did not have a working ground wire. There were loose connections all over the place, most notably in the main breaker box. You just never know.

On the other hand we had a brand new heating pad go up in smoke the very first time we used it, turns out there was a bad connection that caused a short.

Only way to know for sure is have a professional go over the device and circuit it was on. Then you know exactly what the cause was. You will sleep better! :grinning: