Crows party?


I can’t tell for sure if that is a murder of crows or an unkindness of ravens, but both are pretty smart. :slight_smile:

Around my house they will go get Walnut shells and look for cars coming down the road, then they will go place the nut in the road where they estimate the car tire is going to hit it, drop it off and fly away until the car runs over the shell, then they fly back and eat the walnut inside. When I have repair men come around, some of them will even comment on how crazy it was that they flew and landed right in front of their car, dropping something right in front of them like a booby trap. :rofl: I explain to them what they are doing and if they see that, they should actually purposely run over the seed for the bird. :slight_smile: People get really excited about it and surprised the birds figured that out on their own.




Fair point. My bad.  It’s a good video.

Don’t make my animal topic dirty by bringing in politician names here.

Probably waiting for you neighbor to put a big bag of goodie trash in your trash can.
The one crow in you previous video went and told all of his buddies. :grin:

They were walking in group.

They are very social critters. When I had a big Almond tree in my front yard about 50 of them would arrive at the same time when the Almonds were ready to harvest and have a large Crow banquet, leaves and almond shells flying all over the place.
The poor tree got knocked over in a storm years ago, but it missed the house.
I have one crow that is my time keeper, he lands on the very top of the a big pine tree across the street everyday a 4:00PM and talks up a storm.

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