Critical Alerts on iOS and Wyze Sense to Alert through Do Not Disturb/Sleep mode

The capability to create a DND exception for Wyze app notifications already exists under Android. What device and OS version are you trying to set this up on?

The DND override that is requested is for the iOS (Apple) system. Lucky Android users.


I’m not sure there’s much Wyze can do other than petition for recategorization of their app. If you’re jailbroken and running iOS 11+, you can load a notification tweak like DNDAllow.

Moto G6 on Android Pie
Iphone 7, 8, X on various iOS

Ring now has critical alerts. Surely Wyze is allowed now?


In order to do any kind of home security, or any security at all, this needs to be implemented. And if Ring now has it, Wyze can have it too, someone at Wyze just needs to make the request at Apple.


Don’t hold your breath on this one Chaz, it doesn’t seem that they have any plans after all this time.

I was told by Customer Service text chat to post my wish (vs just searching the other other existing threads).

I wish that Wyze would provide the long-awaited and long-requested functionality of ‘Critical alerts (iOS)’ to everyone using Wyze. This feature is now being advertised only for those that purchase the new monitoring service.

I’m a current Cam Plus paying subscriber, and it’s not even available to me. It’s been requested for so long, and it’s a feature that exists today with most competitors (including competitors without a required subscription).

It should be available to everyone. I realize this takes away a feature enticing people to pay for the subscription, but it’s definitely a bait and switch for the many existing loyal customers that have requested this feature for so long.

Please add this feature now for everyone, so that I and many others don’t look to your competitors for this existing feature.


This is absurd. How do we get them to enable it for every Apple device critical alerts?
Android has it.


@lorenzo816 Thanks for bringing this IOS Critical Alert issue back up again!

I sincerely hope that Wyze get with the program (without charging for home monitoring) to allow EVERY Wyze user to enable Critical Alert status to the Wyze IOS app.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Wyze hasn’t done this.

Oh well …


I’ve had a problem a couple times where I don’t notice a notification because my phone is on “do not disturb” mode. There doesn’t seem to be a way to make an exception so that Wyze always makes an audible alert sound. However, I know this is possible, as I have a medical alert app that will play a sound at full volume, no matter the OS volume setting or if “do not disturb” is enabled.

Ideally, I would be able to set something like “always play audible alert” and to specify a volume override for motion or person detection separately, and for specific times of day. My use case is that I want to be woken up if someone tries to break into my car at night (this has happened twice, and I didn’t see the alert until the next morning).

Generally, I wish the alert settings were configurable depending on what was detected and when it was detected.


I completely agree! It’s clear Wyze is choosing to NOT add this very common functionality to their normal platform. Instead if you want the cameras to be useful in notifying you, you have to pay significant monthly fees.

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If you are referring to the complete motion capture service, I am a subscriber and it doesn’t offer these alert options. I don’t know about their home monitoring service though.

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I’ve seen seen other postings about this and feel it’s important -
My IOS/iPhone has a feature that allows ‘Critical Alerts’ to pop up when the phone is muted or on Do Not Disturb. Only the Wyze Home Monitoring system can generate said alert Only when activated/armed.
I would like to see any Wyze device (connected to Home Monitoring System or not) that generates notifications to also have capability of generating a ‘Critical Alert’ so I get the message 24/7 regardless of iPhone setting/status…


@bdublu, You’re not alone. Every single Wyze user has wanted this same functionality that exists for myriad other apps (agnostic of iOS or Android) that use the Critical Alerts functionality. There are several other requests on the share forum asking/ begging for this functionality. To date, Wyze management has sidestepped these requests.

My own guess is that they want to force people use their paid monitoring service. My view is that any paid monitoring service has merits and appropriate uses, but that’s no excuse for not permitting use of this functionality by all users (regardless of monitoring customer status). I don’t see how it’s more efficient to insert additional monitoring systems and the need to make a phone call to me just to tell me that my camera has triggered an event. More effective, probably in some situations, but certainly not all, and definitely not more efficient than having the app directly inform me (whether or not I’m in sleep or DND mode).

To management, PLEASE add this very common functionality to your app. Right now, your app is deficient due to the lack of this feature.

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So I added Home Monitoring to one of my locations and that allows for critical alerts, so yes mkraehnke you are correct, now that I am paying I can get those critical alerts! Arrgh!

BUT… that being said, the new iOS 15 allows you to specify certain apps to be able to break through on your Do Not Disturb settings (Called Focus now on iOS)… you can set up a Sleep Schedule or DND schedule and then specify in that schedule what apps can break through.

When I first set is up, Wyze as not showing, but then I realized that I had Notifications turned off on Wyze… I re-enabled them and then the app showed up.

That is the way to set up your own critical alerts I guess with the Wyze app (and others) without having to purchase Home Monitoring.

Home monitoring is pretty cheap though with Wyze… so it might turn out to be worth the money.

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I’m about to become a HMS subscriber as well. I don’t know why the app wouldn’t issue a critical notification that supersedes dnd. I mean, that seems like a ‘v8’ moment…

Thanks @chaz for the update on iOS15. I just set wyze in the focus and we’ll see if it works!.

CRITICAL ALERTS regardless of the settings on the phone. Wyze should have its own notification feature. Given that we need to know ASAP on a detection.

I’m hearing impaired. I have a bluetooth speaker connected to my iPhone at night. And use the Sound Recognition feature on the iPhone, when a camera siren goes off, Sound Recognition detects and plays a sound. Sound is persistent until I acknowledge it. This works very well. But, when I am away from house the native Notification sound is awful, I wish the notification sound could be set to persistent.

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iPhone allow critical alert notification

Request to update the iPhone app to allow for Critical Alerts. This is a way for the application to bypass the device’s mute switch, focus, and do not disturb settings. I have seen this on a few monitoring apps so they still alert you no matter what. One example would be the water leaker detection. In if water is detection it should alert you as that would be becoming important to know it’s happening even if you have your phone muted.

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