Creating privacy curtain

I am not sure if I’m missing this but can we create a black out privacy curtain on our wyze cameras? If there is an area I don’t want to have the ability to view or record a specific viewing area ? I.e. my next door neighbors windows are in my screenshot


You can set an area that it will ignore for motion, but it will still record that area if there is motion elsewhere in the frame.

Go to settings, detection settings, and turn on detection zone. (They are currently transitioning this to a more intuitive design, so you may have the old one which is just a rectangle to place over where you want recorded, or the new one which lets you select specific parts of the view. Everyone will have the new one once the bugs are worked out)

Thanks for the heads up. I was looking to actually blott out a small portion of the viewing area like a sticky note on the screen if you will👍
I wonder if privacy curtain or Pixel area blocking is even possible?
Perhaps a mod could move this to the wishing list if they see fit.

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@pb4041 Not on the Wyze product line. SriCam using their SriHome app supports that feature in some of their SHxxx cameras.

There’s a #wishlist item for this here: