Privacy Masking area

Need to feature to mask certain area ( single or multiple areas ) of video for user privacy.
option may be to blur out the area selected or complete block solid (black or colored ).

I am just curious, in what instances would this apply?

Camera in the bathroom but exclude the toilet? But seriously, how about just not putting the camera in or pointed at that area.


As this is a indoor camera , I would like to monitor section region of the total sensor area,

Suppose we would like record only the main entrance( door )to the room, but not all the area of that room.
Example areas like
Small clinic , gym etc, need to record only entry/exit area.

This is standard futures of security camera available in the market , some can mask multiple area of the sensor.
Now a days camera sensor size are getting bigger covering larger areas with single camera, masking is a must feature.

I thinks it’s important to note that while this is a viable wishlist item, Wyze does not market or claim their cameras to be security cameras. Many additional hurdles before a company can claim this application.


While i know that Wyze is not a security camera… They try to respond to customer demand and implement some advanced features when possible.
Secondly, as processors improve… more can be done on the camera without the need for a DVR or cloud processing.
Thirdly, with H.264 - a video mask can, in some ways reduce processing and video steam size because the mask can be computed as essentially 1 pixel repeated mutiple times.
Fourthly, video masks ARE becoming vwry common which is why Wyze should at least try to implement this.
If it can’t be done due to processor or encoding reasons - they might wanna add this to their FAQ so customers know that it was looked into and couldn’t be implemented without increasing $$. My guess is that it can be implemented with current tech.

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Here’s are 3 scenarios where a privacy mask might be needed…

You must monitor a bedroom to keep kids safe or keep valuables from being taken. - I’m thinking personally of a situation with foster children sneaking into care takers bedroom and stealing valuables.
A Wyze cam watching the bed room door would provide video evidence of a crime but ALSO accidently record something private. A privacy mask would restrict video to only the area containing valuables.

A privacy mask might also be used in conjunction with a motion detection zone to record on motion but not record a certain area say… Like what’s on a TV. Suppose the TV is in the middle of the detection zone but you don’t necessarily want the TV to trigger “motion” - but the zone needs to span the area where the TV is.

A privacy mask might be used to black out a computer screen protecting financial or HIPAA or FERPA data or other customer data from inadvertently being recorded.

I know this is UK not US - but £100,000 fine is going to hurt most people

Seems like there is more that just the camera issue going on in this case ,

But the ability to prove that you are only recording specific areas could save you a lot of hassle and grief

Now we have the ‘grid’ detection zone - could the same ‘grid’ be used to mask elements of the recording

Bits of tape stuck over the lens aren’t really doing it for me and are tricky to get right !

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Yes… I need this. I have a camera on our shared parking area… but my neighbour is complaining that the camera records whoever enters her house via her entrance. It would be good to mask out her entrance and only include my patio and parking area (which extends above her entrance on the camera screen.

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I think it’s important for Wyze to implement this feature. It shows a commitment to privacy and trying to do the right thing. It shows respect to neighbors who are rightfully sensitive to being recorded. As stated here already, this is a common feature on IP cameras. Using the same grid style GUI as with motion detection (also suggested already), it would be easy for the customer to block out areas from view. Thank you.