Is there a way to only even record person and not all motion?

I have it setup to where I only receive notifications when the cam sees a person. I looked in the event recording, and it is recording all motion events also. Is there a way to only event record person and not all motion. It seems like my camera goes into sleep mode after each motion.

Also, where can I find that feature where you can omit a certain area of the frame from motion sensing? For example, there is a palm tree that keeps setting off motion. I remember seeing there is a feature that I can outline the palm tree to remove it from detection. I can’t seem to find that feature in the app.

From live stream → gear in upper right → detection settings → detection zone → enable and then adjust as needed.

You can only adjust a rectangle to be your detection zone. There is no freehand tool.

I thought there was a feature that would exclude the rectangle area. Is that something Wyze is working on? I can’t exclude the palm tree without severely limiting the detection area.

There is a wishlist topic that is about giving greater control over the detection zone… Go here and vote to help it along. It’s currently labeled “maybe later” but if it shows up as something they are working on they will change it to “researching” or other labels.

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Do you know if they are working on a person only event recording? This would be good for cameras facing the street. I guess these are supposed to be interior only (I have mine pointed through a window). I can receive notifications only for motions identified as a person. I still, however, have a lot of motion recordings in the app for cars, trees blowing, etc… It seems like this would be using a lot of cloud space for something I don’t care to view.

I would wait and see, because things will be changing soon. The previous person detection service will be fazed out and Wyze will implement their own eventually. I would wait and see how they roll out their stuff, just gotta wait and see when that happens and see what it allows you to do.