Creating a basement window

Hi - product use idea for you … may need a tech tweak ? I have a finished basement with the typical tiny windows … since big screen TVs (like 40’s ) are so cheap I plan to get 2 to hang on walls as windows with a wyze cam outdoors to bring outside in … the light, sounds, activity…whats your thoughts on best way to “connect this up ?” we get nice sunsets over the water as well … thoughts on that use case - will the cameras get blinded ? happy to chat/discuss/beta test…


Cool idea!

The problem you are going to encounter is how to get the video onto the TV since the Wyze app only runs on iOS and Android. Perhaps you can get a couple of cheap Android devices, run the app on each and mirror them to the TVs.

There may be another solution involving the TinyCam Pro app which has web server capability. I’m not familiar enough with that app to provide any detail, but you will find lots of discussion on it if you search “TinyCam” here on the forum.

a cheap android stick plugged into the tv hdmi you can sideload apps to fire tv install wyze apk

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Could you link an example or two?

you can download the wyze.apk (the android install file) and load it on an amazon firestick once its on the device run the app and select the cam you want displayed - firestick is just for example you should be able to use just about any android device

the apk file

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Thank you guys !!! Cameras on their way. And I have a fire stick already.

Keep ya posted on results

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year too!

Will be interested to see the results.

as quoted from my post “firestick is just for example” you should be able to use just about any android device

I have not tried it but in theory it should work
if I get time I will try it and post my result