Create timelapse from previously recorded video

It’s painful to scroll through days of motion clips. We need the ability to export all clips with a user-set speed so we can view a week (or more) worth of SD card content in a 5 or 10 minute generated video for 2 reasons:

  1. Viewing playback outright sucks, crashes, or says the SD card is not inserted or there’s no connection to the camera.

  2. You won’t find anything meaningful if you have to manually scroll through a feed hour-by-hour.

I need this feature badly.
It snowed last night and I would love to have a time lapse of it.

In the setting it lets you go back to a previous time.

If it can’t happen why would you let it set a date in the past?

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Creating timelapses from playback video

Hello, I could not find anyone asking for this, sorry if posted before.

Right now I have about 6 days of playback video I can rewind through. Is there any way I can create a timelapse from it?

There are times where I forgot to turn it on, or a couple times it says it was recording, but the clip is only a few seconds long(bug?) and I lose multiple days worth of footage.


Generate Timelapse / Event Window Using SD Card Data

Currently, timelapses can only be generated from an immediate point onwards. Generating timelapses without interfacing directly with the device involves a long process:

  1. Record the entirety of the time in question (only can be done in realtime)
  2. Download the video to your device
  3. Manually create your own timelapse

It would be awesome to have the app give an option to bracket-cut a video, and optionally set a timelapse interval. The video could then be processed on the camera, and downloaded from the “Album” when ready.

Over 4 years later, any progress on at least getting this scheduled?

To anyone running Linux, I wrote a script that will create a timelapse from the existing playback videos. The only downside is you still need to plug your sd card into your computer, since there’s no remote access into the Wyze.

You can find it here: