Timelapse with movement, save as images, neverending

So for moving cameras such as the Pan, it would be nice to be able to add movement to the timelapse. The way I see it working is, you can set a start and end position along with the usual timelapse settings, and then it would do the incremental movements as part of the lapse.

Also, it would be nice to have options to a) save the timelapse result as individual images that can be checked before the lapse is complete, and b) set a timelapse to keep going until you tell it to stop (or run out of storage space, etc). I like to do long-term timelapses, and the 30-day limit really reduces my ability to use the Wyze cam.

Cam Pan Smooth Motion-Timelapse

Currently on the cam pan you can create a timelapse, but you have to disable the movement or else it looks all jerky and unusable due to the motion tracking and pan scan.

A much nicer Timelapse would be a motion timelapse where the camera moves super slowely from point A to B over the course of the Timelapse. This creates a smooth panning effect throughout the Timelapse.

Many fancy camera gimbals for phones or action cameras can do this, but I’m not sure if the pan is able to move that slow smoothly. If so, this would be an awesome feature and I would totally bring the camera on vacations to use for Timelapse’s at the beach or anywhere. Especially if a newer model had 2 or 4K, and compression could be reduced.