Create IFTTT applet with an 'If this **and this**, then that' statement

Does anyone know how to add another parameter to an IFTTT statement? Here’s what I’m looking to accomplish: If I enter a radius boundary around my home, and it’s between 7am–10pm, then turn off all notifications.

Applets Cookbook

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yes yes! i totally know what you mean because i’ve wanted this too! like a if this, or that, then that. or a way to stack more than one this than that.

like if i am away from home, and its between 6pm and 11pm, then action

so instead i have an IFTTT that says if i am away, turn on notifications. if i return home, turn off notifications. but i’d want to add another level like time based.

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I try to do that too… looks like there is no built-in support in IFTTT for multiple triggers, I am surprised that such basic feature is not there!

i know. in this point in time, the popularity of IFTTT is there so why not expand it to be more.

Looks like it could be achieved through custom applet, with “filter”. But looks too complicated for this basic function. :frowning:

With some effort, seems to be working now… this is unnecessarily complicated to set up. And the motion sensor trigger seems to have a couple seconds delay…