IFTTT - with multiple Sensors to do one action

I am trying to build a rule or IFTTT that checks 2 sensors and then does an action:
If both garage doors (sensor 1 & 2) are open then turn on bulb.

Surely I’m just missing something?

Possibly not, I am brainstorming this and honestly cannot think of a way to use 2 devices as triggers, IFTTT only allows for a single trigger.

I agree, I don’t think it’s possible, at least not for now. Right now, the only conditional (In the “IF” section on Device Triggers) is based on time of day. They’d need to add separate device conditionals to the “IF” Section in order to accomplish this.

Honestly the only way I can come up with would need SmartThings, WebCore, IFTTT, and those virtual switches you are fond of, if I have all that i can make it work using WYZE sensors and bulbs