Create a schedule where camera turns on in evening and turns off early in the morning

I am trying to create a schedule where Camera turns on late at night and would like to turn it off by the time I am up.

However the application thinks that start time is less than end time but since the dates have changed this is not true. Forcing me not create the schedule. Please refer attached screen shot for more details.

My device info: Samsung S9
OS: Android Version 9

Please let me know if you need more details.

Until they fix that issue, create two schedules. One to turn it on at 10:30 PM, and a separate one to turn it off at 4:30 AM.

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Great idea. Duh! wish I got this before posting. Thanks :slight_smile:

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The problem with this workaround is that, single action schedule events don’t say whether it’s ON or OFF, and it’s very confusing. One has to drill down.

Also, the button “Remove End Time” is useless. It removes the end time, but doesn’t clear the error. You have to cancel and start over. That button accomplishes nothing.

Yes, the scheduling currently has a lot of issues, but what I said will work.

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