Creating a Rules Schedule... End Time Question

I created a rule schedule to turn on motion detection at 6 a.m. on my version 3 cameras. If I set an end time in the schedule for 4 p.m. what exactly does that do? Does it reverse the actions in the schedule? Or do I have to set a separate rule scheduled event to turn off the motion detection at 4 p.m.? Basically I want to have a start time for motion detection on and then an end time for motion detection off Monday through Friday.

Welcome to the community @Valorton

If you provide a start and end time, that means it will turn off the motion detection at the designated time. You do not need to create an additional rule to turn it off.

However, there was an issue when setting a rule up on the hour or half hour. The new Rules engine has corrected this. In case you are not on the new rules engine, I would set it to something like 6:01am to 4:01pm

you can tell if you are on the new Rules engine if the days of the week looks like this:


Welcome Valorton. Yes, setting an end time in a schedule will do the inverse. In your example, setting and end time will turn motion detection back off.


Thank you. I was hoping that was the case. I am coming from Samsung Smartcams for the last 10 years. The application for those cameras was horrible. You had to literally go in and turn on every camera and then go back in and turn off every camera individually when you wanted them to sense motion. There were no features for rules or shortcuts or anything in their app. It was terrible anti user-friendly.

This weekend I switched all 7 of my Samsungs to the wyze cameras after I saw a friend of mine use his app. The setup, shortcuts the camera resolution and everything about Wyze Cams… it’s beautiful. I’m very happy with these cameras and especially the app. I’m recommending these cameras to all my friends.