Create a good product that works, then create more that don't!

The Wyze Cam was a good product, performed reasonably well, and reliable in the main.

The the Pan Cam arrived with so many problems I sent mine back after the first day to Amazon.

Then Wyze decides to do sensors, lights, and other paraphernalia that had major issues out-of-the-box and still aren’t reliable for public consumption.

Now, they want to ask people to soon pay for “Premium Services” because they’ve failed on so many projects.

Poor management at Wyze. Can they pull their butts out of the fire? Maybe, but it will take new management by people who understand that you don’t piss on the people who bought your products at an agreed price for their promises of satisfaction. Look at Chrysler- Fiat where the slogan is “Turning out Junk for Stupid Buyers Every Day!” This may be the slogan at Wyze now.

Face masks? Drop the pretense of being a “public health servant.” If your face masks have the same failure rate as your current product line that’s dangerous.

Will Wyze succeed in the future? I’ll give them about a 25% chance. Drop the useless crap you’ve been turning out, live up to your promises, and you may survive.

But don’t continue to shovel shit and pretend its Lucky Charms. That won’t work anymore.

That’s a little harsh. As for the masks, I give them the benefit of the doubt.
Masks were a little hard to come by when they initially started selling them.
As for the cameras, they have higher customer satisfaction than other cameras in this at this price point. They have greater versatility and more options than their main competitors. I don’t use their paid cloud service or “people” recognition", so that’s not an issue with me.
My main complaint has been over reliability. They fall short in that area.
But, heh, it’s a fun toy and I treat it as such.
They may have lost a little focus, which can be attributed to youthful ambition.


Wyze Cam V2 works as I said. Everything else is hit or miss and for too many it’s a miss. So the Wyze response is - “Hey! Let’s make another product that is sketchy rather than fix what’s wrong with the old products. And let’s make masks in hopes of generating cash flow as we’re bleeding buckets of money from our other poor choices.”

So rather than make the original Cams better and attract more customers, they decided to play “Buy the Wyse Brand” but turned out half-developed and troublesome products.

Their V2 is inexpensive- that’s the selling point. They work relatively well - I have ten. That’s a selling point. The other products are expensive when they don’t work as promoted and drag the company down.

I don’t care how young the company is or what their problems are. Nor do I care to hear how they can no longer do what they promised as “It’s expensive.”

Poor planning, poor management, and many poor products. Excuses don’t count.

Still harsh but can’t really argue with that. They just chose to diversify instead of building on the great success of the camera. For some crazy reason they veer away from security and from electronics in general. I do like KN95 masks from Livocare to which they indirectly led me.

Meanwhile they DO very actively continue to try and update these products’ software all the time. They get credit for that effort and commitment, even if the results aren’t always great.

This thread is 100% on the mark - elcheapocooks has stated the Wyze problem better than anyone has in the past. I personally give then less than 15% chance of being around 5 years from now. One reason is the box of failed cams, sensors, bridges. For the most part I have moved on to other brands as Wyze gets left behind in the market place.