Cracked bulb casing

Went to swap out some Wyze bulbs for regular bulbs since we’re moving and noticed that the three bulbs we had in our living room all had cracked casings. See the attached pics, if they uploaded properly. I do not remember how long they have been installed.

They were in an enclosed ceiling fixture. Yes, the bulbs say not for use in a fully enclosed fixture. I’m not looking for warranty support here. My question is, does this cracking pose any kind of hazard to person (taking the bulb out with power still going to it) or property (fire hazard from sparking)?

I am not positive it it poses a danger but I would say do not continue to use them just in case. The cracked due to the heat build up in the enclosed fixture, my assumption is you already knew that. I Akzo guess that any official Wyze response will be to stop using them.


Indeed, I plan to throw them away.

I suppose the point of my post is to bring to light (no pun intended) the fact that this can happen and to see if it’s an issue that Wyze is aware of, and to make sure that, had they continued to be left in or had I taken them out with the power still on, the cracks do not pose a safety risk to people or property.


Oh, goodness. This is a new one for me but I don’t know if anyone has reached out to support with a similar experience. Thanks for sharing this info! And yeah, if you see damage to a product like this, it’s best not to keep using it.

Hope the move goes smoothly! :slightly_smiling_face:

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To clarify: yes, I’m aware that it was likely the heat buildup that cracked them. I’m also aware that I’m not the only one who has/had them installed in enclosed fixtures. We renters often have little to no say in what light fixtures are in the dwelling. I’m also aware that the buildup will shorten the life of the bulb. Can’t really be helped. But that’s all that should happen if installed in an enclosed fixture. Installing them in an enclosed fixture should not pose a safety risk. If it does, that’s poor design and something that should be recalled.

I am not accusing Wyze of producing a product that is a safety risk. I am simply asking Wyze if they have encountered something like this in their testing and if so, then does it pose a safety risk. If they have not, then this is a, “Hey, this can happen and you should look into it.” post, and I can send them the damaged bulbs. That’s all.

Thanks for the well wishes with the move!